Remembering Alan White

Remembering Alan White

We’re in the 2020s now, a half century since progressive rock’s so-called ‘classic era’, which is at least another twenty years since the musicians that occupied it were born. We live in an odd time where many of these bands…

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Salva - Ghost Story

Salva – Ghost Story

Swedish Progressive rock band Salva have recently released their latest album, Ghost Story, on Rob Reed’s White Knight Records. The band formed in 2003 in Gothenburg and have previously released six albums, the first in 2004 with three since 2018,…

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Supersister Projekt at Paard, The Hague [TPA banner]

Supersister Projekt

Paard, The Hague, the Netherlands Friday, 6th May 2022 How unfortunate, the announcement Supersister frontman Robert Jan Stips had to make on 19th November 2021 – the day of the Supersister concert at the Hague Paard – that this concert,…

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