Cydonia – Stations

Cydonia – Stations

Stations is the exciting and intriguing debut album by German progressive rock quintet Cydonia. Hailing from Freiburg im Breisgau, the band date back to 2007. Originally known as Hills of Cydonia, they played instrumental music until 2019, when singer Michael…

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Rain - Radio Silence

Rain – Radio Silence

If it doesn’t Rain, it pours… and in their new release, Radio Silence, Rain certainly do pour forth with an eclectic cascade of songs, played with great style and assurance. In their unexpected and celebrated debut album, Singularity, Rain responded…

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EBB - Mad & Killing Time

EBB – Mad & Killing Time

Any band which includes members called ‘Bad Dog’ and ‘Kitty Biscuits’ are probably worthy of anyone’s curiosity. Such curiosity is further stimulated by discovering that the fabulously named ‘Kitty Biscuits’ also provides ‘spoken word poetry’ for this new band… but…

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