Damanek - Making Shore

Damanek – Making Shore

I practically leapt at the chance to have an early listen to Making Shore, the latest release by the progressive rock supergroup Damanek. And that leap of faith was thoroughly and satisfyingly rewarded! This is sumptuous, literary, cinematic, compelling, and…

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Riverside - ID.Entity

Riverside – ID. Entity

ID. Entity is Riverside’s first album since 2018’s cathartic Wasteland, and as the title suggests, this release very much focuses on their exploration of identity, including their own. Riverside have been through tough times, most obviously the tragic loss of…

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The Abbey – Word of Sin

The Abbey – Word of Sin

The Abbey is a Finnish band assembled by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jesse Heikkinen. Heikkinen has been in multiple bands previously, as well as recording solo material under the name Iterum Nata. He was inspired to create The Abbey after being…

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Ensemble Gamut! - RE

Ensemble Gamut! – RE

There is nothing purer than the voice of Aino Peltomaa over a pipe drone. It’s as traditional and heartfelt as you can get and drills down into the intense humanity of these largely ancient works, as reinterpreted by the members…

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