Einar Solberg - 16

Einar Solberg – 16

The first thing to say is that there is some beautiful music on this album. Einar Solberg is without doubt an exceptionally talented composer, arranger and musician. I am a new convert, and one reason is that he is such…

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Balone - Doofa Darl

Balone – Doofa Darl

The third studio album from Balone, AKA bassist and multi-instrumentalist Tony Stewart, continues his passion for instrumental music with the emphasis on jazz/funk. Tony cites Prince, Marcus Miller, Mark King, Stanley Clarke, Nathan East, to mention a few. And although…

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Empyre - Relentless

Empyre – Relentless

In this streaming self-promotional world, many doubt the role of record labels in the modern music industry, but when it comes to curation and band selection they do still play a part especially the smaller niche labels. Like InsideOut or…

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