Epica - Omega

Epica – Ωmega

“We have long found our sound”, says Mark Jansen, “but within that sound, there is lots of room for evolution. We always try to reinvent ourselves, to bring in refreshing elements.” I admire the clarity of vision that Mark (founder,…

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Enslaved - Utgard

Enslaved – Utgard

Utgard brings us to album #15 in Enslaved’s nearly 30 year career, a discography nearly unmatched in terms of consistency, both of purpose and execution. The duration of their career is an achievement unto itself, but the fact they’ve methodically…

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Elder - Omens

Elder – Omens

What are the odds? Your new album, a concept work about the final days of a civilisation facing an impending doom, is released in the middle of a global pandemic that has shuttered the world. Omens feels apt for 2020.…

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