All Them Witches - ATW

All Them Witches – ATW

“Now I see it’s high-time for mischief, once again.” All Them Witches have been making glorious mischief all throughout 2018. The past year has seen this once-underground garage band from Nashville making ever larger impact upon the international scene with…

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Voivod - The Wake

Voivod – The Wake

“Their bio states they’re from Canada, but they sound like they’re from another planet.” This is more or less the thought that came into my head when I blind-purchased Dimension Hatröss in 1988. I was expecting a thrash metal album,…

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Weedpecker - III

Weedpecker – III

The third long-player from this gathering of Polish potheads is a bewitching listen that demands repeated tokes at regular intervals. A moniker like Weedpecker automatically brings with it certain expectations of sound, style and the accompanying trappings. However, this 4-piece…

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Enslaved - E

Enslaved – E

I will admit I’m a late-comer to Enslaved; my interest initially piqued by a reference in a Mikael Åkerfeldt interview some years back. Once I started exploring their enviably consistent discography I realized that unlike most bands that have been…

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Richard Powley – Telepathy

One of the most involving albums I’ve heard in 2017 is Tempest, the sophomore release from UK-based Telepathy. Whereas in the past instrumental metal bands often painted themselves into chops-obsessed corners, now I’m hearing more focus on creating immersive, atmospheric…

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Telepathy - Tempest

Telepathy – Tempest

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” – from Shakespeare’s The Tempest The sleeper awakens into a world he no longer recognizes. The ruined landscape spread out before him, laid waste by the hellish torrent that departed as…

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