Airbag - Disconnected

Airbag – Disconnected

2016 has seen a veritable outpouring of releases which express and embody a seemingly deep-seated contemporary preoccupation with despair and despondency. Melancholic gloom is finding strong, heart-felt resonances in the work of many song writers, bands, musicians as well as…

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Panic Room - Header

Panic Room

‘Start the Sound’ Tour Islington Assembly Hall, London Saturday 18th June 2016 A Panic Room gig is always a cause for eager anticipation. Their live performances are, without fail, musically thrilling, emotionally intense and warmly uplifting. At the same time…

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Frost* TPA featured image


Sub89, Reading Wednesday 15th June 2016 Frost* are in good mood tonight as they take to the stage for their ‘warm up’ gig before heading out on the road for a UK tour supporting the release of their third studio…

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Flux - ShadowLines

Flux – ShadowLines

Conventional wisdom generally recognises that it is the journey which is important and not necessarily the destination at which we finally arrive. The paths we choose and the tracks we wander along the way do much to shape and colour…

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Karibow - Holophinium

KariBow – Holophinium

Being human is a struggle. Questions of who we are, what we are and how we should live have perplexed philosophers throughout history. They have formed the intriguing plot-lines of a plethora of science fiction films and television series. And…

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Roger Hodgson

Roger Hodgson

The Palladium, London Friday 29th April 2016 Three years since he last toured in the U.K., Roger Hodgson returns to one of London’s most iconic theatres in a show prompted by the overwhelming demand from fans unable to get tickets…

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