P!nk - Trustfall

P!nk – Trustfall

Yes, yes: I know. Please don’t look at me like that. It’s not prog. Allegedly. I blame Graham Norton. It’s all his fault. I only tuned in to his show to see Hugh Jackman, Judi Dench, Paul Rudd, Eugene Levy,…

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Collage - Over and Out

Collage – Over and Out

Twenty-seven years after their 1995 album, Safe, Poland’s widely revered – even iconic – band Collage return with a fifth new studio album, Over and Out. The engine room of the band remains the same – Krzysztof Palczewski on synthesisers,…

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t - Pareidoliving

t – pareidoliving

Despite our best intentions, the pervading influences of contemporary trends, fashions and currents cannot help but seep unnoticed into our living and thinking. The commodification of music in particular has heightened both the speed as well as the brutality of…

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