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The Paradox Twin

South Street Arts Centre, Reading Thursday 20th June 2024 I can’t believe it was 2018 when I first encountered (and reviewed) the enthralling debut album, The Importance of Mr Bedlam. The scintillating fusion of intense musicianship with captivating storytelling creates…

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Spock's Beard - photo by Jamie Robertson

Spock’s Beard

229 The Venue, London Thursday, 1st February 2024 Some nights make you glad to be alive. An evening with the scintillating Spock’s Beard on the final night of their UK tour in London was, without any shadow of a doubt,…

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The Flower Kings

The Flower Kings

The 1865, Southampton Thursday, 19th October 2023 Five fellas in assorted brightly coloured shirts and one rather dashing blazer saunter through the audience at Southampton’s The 1865, mount the stage, casually take time to ensure all their instruments are tuned…

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ESP Project - Reverie

ESP Project – Reverie

“When the world was dreaming There was magic in the air Where thoughts and feelings become reality.” Tony Lowe’s ESP Project is founded on a deceptively simple yet utterly remarkable vision. The lyric above, from the Carier Wave section of…

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P!nk - Trustfall

P!nk – Trustfall

Yes, yes: I know. Please don’t look at me like that. It’s not prog. Allegedly. I blame Graham Norton. It’s all his fault. I only tuned in to his show to see Hugh Jackman, Judi Dench, Paul Rudd, Eugene Levy,…

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