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Rob Fisher Rob helps to co-ordinate the TPA review team and edits the News section. A recovering academic, he enjoys imaginative storytelling, science fiction (not always good story telling!), cinema, theatre outings and good wine. He presents Progressive Discoveries in collaboration with Anthony Rowsick's Prog-Watch show on Progzilla Radio.

Author Archives: Rob Fisher

t – pareidoliving

24th February 2022 | by Rob Fisher

Despite our best intentions, the pervading influences of contemporary trends, fashions and currents cannot help but seep unnoticed into our... Read More

22 Layers – Isotope

12th August 2021 | by Rob Fisher

“Oh, my goodness; that’s gorgeous!” It doesn’t matter what you are doing, music frequently snags our attention to elicit unexpected... Read More

TPA News – February 2021

1st February 2021 | by Rob Fisher

Latest Prog News from across the progressive music spectrum & updated throughout February 2021. 11/02/2021: Chick Corea ~ RIP From... Read More

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