Jarkka Rissanen & Sons of the Desert - Hybrid Soul

Jarkka Rissanen & Sons of the Desert – Hybrid Soul

“Hello, is that the police? I’d like to report some missing guitar.

No, not my guitars. They’re not worth anything, especially the classical guitar I bought from Lidl. No, the victim is Jarkka Rissanen and Sons of the Desert. I’ve just been listening to their new album, Hybrid Soul, and someone’s stolen the lead guitar.

Yes, everything else is there; drums, bass, rhythm guitar – check. And there’s someone playing very careful, tentative, nondescript little fills and melodies but that can’t be Jarkka Rissanen. It sounds more like me!

How do I know? Well, Jarkka is a guitar legend in Finland. He’s been playing slide guitar blues for 40 years. He should be wailing and sliding all over this album like Jeff Beck on ice.

When did I first become aware of the crime? Well, I heard Detroit Blues and thought, ‘that’s not bad’. A bit funky, a bit dramatic and riffy with a melody line sounding like a 1970s cop show. I thought, ‘bet the full-length finished version sounds great on the album with the lead guitar put in’.

But when I listened to the entire album – no lead guitar! Where’s the blues-wailin’, feedback-drenched, down and dirty string-torturing that makes Eric Clapton sound like he’s wearing boxing gloves?

Can I describe the crime scene? Well, apart from Detroit Blues, which is too short and missing the lead guitar, every other track turns up, kicks a can around with its hands in its pockets, and then slopes off for its tea.

The opener, Hipston, is a sort of ponderous reggae chug that goes nowhere. Miss Gumby is a slightly faster reggae chug that goes nowhere, followed by The Fly, a very slow reggae chug that goes nowhere.

You’re beginning to see a pattern here? Well, that’s why you’re a police officer and I’m just a humble scribe.

So, what are you going to do about it, officer?? Are you going to send a team round to dust the mastertapes for fingerprints? Oh, you’re too busy investigating murders and Donald Trump.

So what do you suggest I do? Listen to Jeff Beck? You, know that’s not such a bad idea…thanks, officer.”

01. Hipston (4:50)
02. Miss Gumbo (4:43)
03. The Fly (1:59)
04. Safari Beat (4:28)
05. Slow (4:57)
06. Big Water (5:24)
07. Uptown Rock (3:48)
08. Detroit Blues (3:47)
09. The Stone (4:24)
10. Beaty Box (3:56)

Total Time – 42:16

Jarkka Rissanen – Guitar
Markus Väisänen – Guitar
Tatu Back – Bass Guitar
Esa Kärki – Drums

Record label: Humu Records
Country of Origin: Finland
Date of Release: 26th May 2017

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