Anakdota - Overloading

Anakdota – Overloading

Anakdota are a young band from Israel who take influence from modern electric jazz mixed with an ear for melody and complex rhythmic structure that in places ventures down a route once trodden by Gentle Giant, especially in parts of Different Views, almost to the point of plagiarism. However, given their youth let’s not be too judgemental. Led by the piano of Erez Aviram, Overloading is full of confidence and youthful vigour, the opening track One More Day not taking long before it gets into its stride. A glorious synth break precedes some complex choral work that somehow recalls the intelligent prog-pop of 10cc.

Erez Aviram wrote everything here and produced the album, and while it is undoubtedly his baby, he is more than ably assisted by his bandmates. Late has a suitably panicky rhythm as it rushes to its delayed destination, all out of breath and jittery, offering several increasingly implausible explanations as to why the protagonist is late, “and it’s all because I tried to make it home on time for you”. All the lyrics to these eight songs are intelligent and often witty, putting to shame a lot of lyricists writing in English as their first – and probably only – language.

The sadly wistful Mourning is sung in her delicate but strong voice by Ayala Fossfeld, one half of the male/female vocal duo that work so well on the album. This particular song, coming after the headlong rush of Late shows the strength and breadth of the songwriting on this fine album that manages to be both easy on the ear and thoroughly complex at one and the same time.

You can see from the intro to the above video that Erez Aviram is a very talented pianist, and his playing skills extend into his compositional chops too. The comments under the video imply that it sounds a bit like Tarkus, I wouldn’t know, not letting ELP anywhere near my delicate sensibilities, but judging by the other influences on the album it is clear that Erez digs his dad’s original prog LPs, but for the most part succeeds in adding his own individuality to proceedings.

I am sure that eventually more of his own style will emerge, and, with it, the occasionally cerebral and dry atmosphere of this record will hopefully loosen up a little. Anakdota and Erez Aviram are names to watch out for in the years to come, for sure.

01. One More Day (7:03)
02. Different Views (5:42)
03. Late (4:20)
04. Mourning (5:28)
05. Overloading (7:08)
06. Staying Up Late (8:24)
07. The Girl Next Door (5:01)
08. End Of The Show (5:58)

Total Time – 49:07

Ray Linvat – Vocals
Ayala Fossfeld – Vocals
Erez Aviram – Piano & Keyboards
Guy Bernfeld – Bass
Yogev Gabay – Drums

Record Label: Fading Records
Catalogue#: FAD024
Country of Origin: Israel
Year of Release: 2016

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