The Fierce and The Dead at Ramsgtate Music Hall - TPA banner

The Fierce And The Dead

Ramsgate Music Hall, Kent Saturday, 4th May 2024 Saturday night in Ramsgate, at the Ramsgate Music Hall, which apparently has earned the accolade “Best small venue in the country”. Certainly, the layout of the place and the superb sound earn…

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Slift - Ilion

Slift – Ilion

“You see, something’s going to happen… “ As we all know, fohat dig holes in space, and swirling around in the psychedelic maelstrom that fills dem holes right now is a feral noise of righteous intent made by three unassuming…

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Storm Deva

Storm Deva

A week or two before Christmas, TPA’s Roger Trenwith sat down with Carollyn Eden and Stuart Clark, a.k.a Storm Deva, and they had a good old natter, discussing their backgrounds, how the band formed, their influences and the recently released…

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