John Holden

John Holden

With his new album, Rise and Fall, imminently released, TPA’s John Wenlock-Smith spoke to John Holden about the music, his influences and the recording process. Who are your main influences? I grew up when progressive music was in its heyday.…

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Moon Halo - Chroma

Moon Halo – Chroma

This album has been a long time in the making. I first heard of it from Marc Atkinson’s Facebook page in which he documented the evolution of the album, its release due in January 2020. As a long-time admirer of…

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Ken Hensley

Ken Hensley

Ken Hensley, one of the original members of much-loved British rock group Uriah Heep, playing keyboards, guitar and occasional vocals from their formation in late 1969 through until the end of the recording of the Conquest album in 1980. During…

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Yes - From A Page

Yes – From A Page

This release came right out of the blue with little fanfare and little advance press release. There was no huge media PR campaign, it seemed to emerge from the mists of time in a somewhat unusual and interesting way. Few…

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