Frost* - Day And Age

Frost* – Day And Age

“Hello, and welcome to the rest of your life”, the opening line from our narrator, a child-like English voice whose name may or may not be Alice, introducing us to Day and Age, the latest recording from Frost*, and their…

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Jadis - Medium Rare II

Jadis – Medium Rare II

Following on from 2018’s successful 25th anniversary remixed edition of the album that put Jadis on the map, 1992’s More Than Meets The Eye, affable bandleader Gary Chandler has continued the momentum built by that project, and the well-received tour…

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Karcius- The Fold

Karcius – The Fold

The Fold is Montreal based Karcius’ fifth release, their current sound forming in the previous album, 2012’s The First Day when they added vocalist and bass player Sylvain Auclair to the band that was previously mainly an instrumental outfit that has been on the…

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