Sleepmakeswaves - It's Here, But I Have No Names For It

Sleepmakeswaves – It’s Here, But I Have No Names For It

Post Rock these days is far from gloomy and ponderous, encompassing as it does many musical forms into melting pots of ideas, in a genre of mostly instrumental pieces with many exponents. As with all types of music there are differing levels of quality and only some artists/albums will rise to the top.

Formed in Sydney, Australia in December 2006, this is I believe, Sleepmakeswaves sixteenth release, with the only other previous effort in my collection being Made of Breath Only.

This well-respected band say they worked on these songs for literally years and after the pandemic they had so many demos they opted to select their favourites, bringing them together into something eclectic, but special. They say the title is a line from Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance, about not needing to find words for everything all the time, so they wanted to let the music do the talking.

Can the music tempt us into sampling the fruit of their labours? ……….

All Hail Skull drifts in, then strides through your cortex with heavy riffs and vibrant keys/synths, the pumping bass and drums leaning in to the sound like strong, supporting beams. A fretboard slide brings the first sub five minutes of the album to a satisfying close.

An introduction of bright synth combined with drum flourishes entices us into Super Realm Park on an exhilarating ride as this track bounces along initially and then lulls us with a gentle passage which as in true post rock tradition, builds to a wall of sound with all instruments rising, then ends on wavering guitar accompanied by piano.

No resting on their laurels as Ritual Control takes a hold with impressive drumming once more propelling the rhythm. The track reminds me a little of Long Distance Calling in places. The second half adopts a retro style guitar riff, which whilst heavy allows the light to filter through, remaining upbeat.

We find ourselves in a Black Paradise, on this, the fourth track of the album. Summery electro/acoustic guitar floats gently through the ears initially, until the drumbeat picks this up and raises the music lightly, but firmly, as a parent carrying a child. The keyboards create a string accompaniment on this refreshing change of pace.

The shortest track of the album, Verdigris, blossoms slowly with all the quiet drama of a beautiful plant awakening and turning its leaves and petals toward the sun, as it rises on the early morning air. It stretches to its fullest extent, displaying all the music’s glory.

A few deceptive notes lead us into Terror Future before the guitars enter the arena and the bass takes a grip. I like a distinctive bass sound and am not fond of the ‘muddiness’ that appears on some albums, so I am pleased to find the bass wielded skilfully where required, creating a clear rhythm, but not unnecessarily obtrusive. Guitars and keys combine adding to the tempo as this raises us from the slumber of the previous track and introduces rare vocals to the album.

Title track It’s Here, But I Have No Names For It, gently floats in on electro/acoustic guitar and develops into a balmy breeze of a tune as the other musicians join the ensemble. It climbs as if cresting a lush, flower dressed hilltop that looks out across the expansive view. The majesty of the scenery is revealed in the intensifying of the music which then floats down the hill shedding notes like petals on the air, until the piano chords disappear into the distance.

An intimate dance of instruments sway across the floor twisting and turning as the tune embraces you into the supportive arms of the band. You spin and whirl to the hypnotic sound, feet tapping faster in time until it glides to a stop and you bow for appreciation, wishing you could be This Close Forever to the music. Unfortunately, it’s the last track. But not to fret, you can listen again should you wish.

Sleepmakeswaves cement their reputation manfully on this varied and delightful new album, allowing beams of light musicality to filter through the darker instrumental foliage, like rays of the sun in a warm, supplicatory gesture. If you enjoy good post rock, then buy this and you can taste the sweet produce from their orchard.

This band can indeed talk the talk and walk the walk.

01. All Hail Skull (4:45)
02. Super Realm Park (5:11)
03. Ritual Control (4:07)
04. Black Paradise (4:46)
05. Verdigris (3:31)
06. Terror Future (4:56)
07. It’s Here, But I Have No Names For It (8:29)
08. This Close Forever (4:41)

Total time – 40:28

Alex Wilson – Bass, Keyboards
Otto Wicks-Green – Guitar, Vocals
Tim Adderley – Drums, Synths

Record Label: Independent
Country of Origin: Australia
Date of Release: 12th April 2024

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