The Prog Mill (Progzilla Radio) - Peter Jones / Tiger Moth Tales Special

Peter Jones / Tiger Moth Tales on The Prog Mill [Audio Feature]

TPA / The Prog Mill – Peter Jones / Tiger Moth Tales special with guest host Leo Trimming.

A two hour show features music from across Pete’s impressive career so far, from his own Tiger Moth Tales project, to his collaborations with bands and artists such as Camel, Red Bazar, John Holden, Lee Abraham, Cyan and Magenta.

The Prog Mill (Progzilla Radio) - Peter Jones / Tiger Moth Tales Special

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01. Tiger Moth TalesHoli – from ‘A Song of Spring’ (2022)
02. Tiger Moth TalesA Visit to Chigwick – from ‘Cocoon’ (2014)
03. Pete JonesMore Fool Me (Genesis cover) – from YouTube release originally – then ‘Selling England for a Pound’ (Charity Release) (2015)
04. Tiger Moth TalesHygge (Single edit)- from ‘The Depths of Winter’ (2017)
05. Tiger Moth TalesToad of Toad Hall – from ‘Story Tellers Part 2’ (2018)
06. Tiger Moth Tales (with Andy Latimer)Light from ‘A Song of Spring’ (2022)
07. CamelLong Goodbyes (Live) – from Live DVD ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’ (Concert in 2018 – Released 2020)
08. Red BazarTemple – from ‘Things As They Appear’ (2019)
09. Red BazarCity and the Stars – from ‘Tales from the Bookcase’ (2016)
10. John Holden (with Peter Jones)High Line from ‘Circles in Time’ (2021)
11. Lee Abraham (with Peter Jones) – excerpt from ‘Counting Down’ from ‘Only Human’ (2021)
12. CyanDon’t Turn Away – from ‘For King and Country’ (2021)
13. Tiger Moth TalesVictorian Brickwork (Acoustic Live) – from ‘The Mad Mothster’s Tea Party’ (2017)
14. Magenta (with David Longdon & Pete Jones)Spectral Mornings (2015 Vocal Version) from ‘Angels and Damned – 20th Anniversary Show’ (2021)
15. Tiger Moth TalesBlackbird – from ‘The Whispering of the World’ (2021)
16. Tiger Moth TalesDon’t Let Go, Feels Alright – from ‘Cocoon’ (2014)
17. Tiger Moth TalesStill Alive – from ‘Still Alive’ (2020)

First broadcast on 15th May 2022 – now permanently available on the Specials Podcasts Section of Progzilla Radio.

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