Ben Craven - Monsters From the Id

Ben Craven – Monsters From The Id

Ben Craven is a cinematic progressive-rock artist from Brisbane, Australia and he likes to make records and for this particular record the cover has been drawn by Freya Dean, daughter of Roger. Talent clearly runs in the family.

If Steve Hackett and Tony Banks had continued writing together, either as Genesis or even as a duo, this is what I might have expected. It is epic and impressive, essentially two tracks of around 19-minutes each, with four radio edits of said pieces. The two edits of the main tracks are great in their own right, and having stepped beyond the what’s missing, their own consciousness transcends.

Okay, it is a great listen from which you emerge a little dazed and confused. Epic passages of both guitar and keyboards, woven into a progressive story, not the most lyrical, but what is there is strong, and given the printed word before me I might venture more in-depth analysis, although I am more likely to say sod it and just enjoy it again. The four extracts work in their own right as singles, it is only familiarity that makes you recognise them as part of a whole. The music fits the themes, and the themes create an atmosphere.

I consider this album quite a find, and other little goodies are available: a unique signed JPEG of the artwork for $5, and for another $10 he will send you a 24-bit 5.1 surround version. I am quite tempted by this as the sound is already extraordinarily rich in listening pleasure, and I am intrigued to hear a 5.1 treatment of it. I also think I will explore his back catalogue, all reasonably priced on Bandcamp, and most with Roger Deanesque artwork, even though the contents I think are quite removed from Yes. Ben quite readily admits that postage and packaging are prohibitive, but it would be a shame for this music not to get the European exposure it deserves. So, if any discerning UK or European based label is interested, follow the Bandcamp links.

Definitely worth releasing a few moths for…

01. Die Before You Wake (19:32)
02. Amnis Flows Aeternum (19:11)
03. Die Before You Wake (Single Edit) (4:57)
04. Wicked Delights (Single Edit) (2:40)
05. Guiding Voice (Single Edit) (3:31)
06. Amnis Flows Aeternum (Single Edit) (4:51)

Total Time – 54:42

Ben Craven – All Instruments

Record Label: Independent
Country of Origin: Australia
Date of Release: 6th May 2022

Ben Craven – Website | Facebook | Bandcamp