Ozric Tentacles - Space for the Earth

Ozric Tentacles – Space for the Earth

The Ozrics return with a new album, their first since the well received 2015 release Technicians of the Sacred. This album has been written, programmed, recorded and produced throughout 2019 and 2020 by Ed Wynne at the Blue Bubble Studio, ably supported by Silas Neptune and Balázs Szende, with a notable selection of guest musicians.

The music has been inspired by the Scottish hills, valleys and beaches surrounding the studio. Ed feels that the current climate of lockdowns has provided “space for the earth to breath” and wanted to reflect this in the music. The Ozrics have always, for me, had a connection to nature and an earthy quality to their music, this album demonstrates they are still connected to this feeling. As one would expect it is full of atmospheric, dreamy soundscapes and rhythms that can easily draw you in to an almost peaceful listen, add to that some great guitar solos here and there and you have a heady mix.

This is truly an Ozrics album, and then some, with all the trademark sounds you would expect, but infused with a positivity for a hopeful future. Clocking in at around forty-seven minutes, it is a concise album which is packed full of interesting sounds throughout its seven tracks, ranging between five to nearly nine minutes in length. The Ozrics have created music that is wonderful to immerse yourself in, to forget, for the moment, the troubled times we find ourselves in this year. With some great songwriting coupled with excellent production, the sound quality is top notch. It appears that Ed’s relocation to Scotland has had a profound creative effect on his songwriting which may have given rise to this latest Ozric album. Add to that the influence of Silas, Balázs and the notable guest musicians and I feel they have delivered an album of beauty and purposeful direction.

The album begins with Stripey Clouds, which delivers a focused, positive and delightful opening with all the hallmarks of classic Ozrics, including dreamy flute and a great guitar solo, they are off to a great start. The energetic start to Blooperdome reveals excellent rumbling and throbbing bass work which leads us again to some quality guitar. There is an acoustic guitar interlude which moves the song into the second half, allowing programmed keyboards to take it to conclusion. Before you can get your breath back, boom, off again with Humboldt Current, with a start reminiscent of Sploosh before settling into its own feel for the longest track on the album, providing an interesting listening experience.

The standard of the music continues throughout the remainder of the album. Popscape ups the ante with a pacey electronic rock number, the title track is full of interesting blends of sounds, all leading to a very immersive experience.

Music can be a great healer, helping to calm the mind and the Ozrics certainly have that unique ability contained within their music. This is an album full of positivity and a great feel good factor, demonstrating that Ed’s writing quality remains, if not even improved. Overall a great album which I believe most people will get something from, I know it works for me.

01. Stripey Clouds (6:37)
02. Blooperdome (5:34)
03. Humboldt Current (8:57)
04. Popscape (4:50)
05. Climbing Plants (7:05)
06. Space for the Earth (7:36)
07. Harmonic Steps (6:35)

Total Time – 47:17

Ed Wynne – Guitar, Synths, Bass, Writer, Programmer, Engineer & Producer
Silas Neptune – Keyboards, Synths
Balázs Szende – Drums
~ With:
Joie Hinton – Synths
Nick Van Gelder – Drums
Champignon – Flute
Paul Hankin – Percussion
Psychedelic Voyager Gracerooms – Added Synth Layers

Record Label: Kscope Music
Catalogue No: KSCOPE678 (CD), KSCOPE1078 (LP), KSCOPE1086 (Ltd.Ed. LP)
Country of Origin: U.K.
Date of Release: 9th October 2020

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