Jordsjø – Salighet

Jordsjø – Salighet

Jordsjø return with their fourth studio album. The duo are inspired by Scandinavian folklore, via jazz and early British prog, but that said, over their previous albums they have forged a unique sound of their own. The band made a…

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Solstein - Solstein

Solstein – Solstein

Jacob Holm-Lupo’s latest project is the jazz prog outfit Solstein, the idea for which came from his work with Steely Dan and Toto drummer Keith Carlock on a track for his previous project, Donner. They brought on board up and…

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Motorpsycho - Yay!

Motorpsycho – Yay!

Yay! A new Motorpsycho album! And that’s very much a typical reaction if you are a fan of these prolific Norwegian songsters. If you came to this band through their “Gullvåg Trilogy” or the following two albums, Kingdom of Oblivion…

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Seven Impale - Summit

Seven Impale – Summit

Seven Impale hail from Bergen in Norway and were formed in 2010 by Stian Okland. After experimenting with their sound for a couple of years they joined Karisma Records and released the Beginning/Relieve EP in 2013, which was followed by…

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