Lorenzo Feliciati – Elevator Man

Lorenzo Feliciati – Elevator Man

Italian bass guitarist Lorenzo Feliciati, in between supplying the lower register for several bands from the RareNoise stable including Mumpbeak, Berserk!, Naked Truth, and Twinscape, has found the time to make his own records, the last being the highly engaging and unusual KOI, returns with his latest escapade in sonic adventure, Elevator Man.

Classy modern fusion is the order of the day here, influenced by Holdsworth, Bruford, and the jazzier end of latter day King Crimson – think ConstrucKtion Of Light. A high degree of musicality is supplied by Lorenzo’s supple and fluid lines, complemented by a revolving supporting cast that includes Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Marco Sfogli (PFM), and the highly experienced Roy Powell, along with several Italian and other session musicians. Lorenzo proudly states that “Elevator Man has a different line up for every song”, there’s even one that contains a DJ Skizo on “Turntables and rhythm design”, a fact that only serves to highlight the thoroughly modern nature of this record. Despite some obvious fusion influences, it is not harking back to a supposed Golden Age, but using that DNA to craft something fresh and vibrant. This is progressive music in action, baby!

You will note several brass and reed instruments, and the jazz orchestra present on 14 Stones lends it a powerful weight, guided by Mastelotto’s masterful rhythms. Elsewhere the brass and saxophones contribute solo lines as on the title track and the achingly melancholic ballad Black Book, Red Letters, and once again come together to form full jazz orchestra goodness on the powerful groove of Three Women.

The second half of the record, from the sinuous rubbery lurch of Unchained Houdini onwards ditches the brass and sax to opt for a stripped down line up, featuring traditional rock band instruments augmented by all manner of electronica, not that this approach lessens the impact.

The album continues in this vein of fascinating electronica and Lorenzo’s snake charmer bass playing, creating a distinct album of two halves in the process, each fascinating in its own right. The Third Door is edgy and modernistic, driven by DJ Skizo’s beats and Lorenzo’s buzzsaw choppy guitar, and a wonderful guitar solo from Mattias IA Eklundh appears on S.O.S., to add yet another layer to this Italian cake. Italians always were masters at enticing desserts, and this is the form taken by this “Side Two” of the album, following the substantial and tasty full-on treats of “Side One”.

This is a thoroughly professional album showcasing an interesting variation of styles, and some classy compositions and arrangements, I commend it to the House.

01. Elevator Man (5:53)
02. The Brick (7:26)
03. 14 Stones (7:47)
04. Black Book, Red Letters (7:31)
05. Three Women (5:30)
06. Unchained Houdini (4:16)
07. The Third Door (5:50)
08. S.O.S. (5:33)
09. Thief Like Me (5:24)
10. U Turn In Falmouth (3:21)

Total Time – 58:31

Lorenzo Feliciati – Fretted & Fretless Basses, Electric Guitars, Keyboards
Roberto Gualdi – Drums (track 1)
Stan Adams – Trombone & Horn Section Arrangement (tracks 1,2,3 & 5)
Pierluigi Bastioli – Bass Trombone (tracks 1,2,3 & 5)
Duilio Ingrosso – Baritone Sax (tracks 1,2,3 & 5)
Roy Powell – Hohner Clavinet (track 2)
Chad Wackerman – Drums (track 2)
Cuong Vu – Trumpet (tracks 3 & 5)
Alessandro Gwis – Acoustic Piano with Reaktor running on laptop (track 3)
Pat Mastelotto – Drums (track 3)
Sandro Satta – Alto Sax (track 4)
Claudio Corvini – Trumpet (track 4)
Gianni Di Renzo – Drums (track 4)
Antonio Jasevoli – Electric Guitar Solo (track 5)
Davide Savarese – Drums (track 5 & 10)
Davide Pettirossi – Drums (tracks 6)
DJ Skizo – Turntables & Rhythm Design (track 7)
Mattias IA Eklundh – Electric Guitar Solo (track 8)
Luca Giacobbe – Vibraphone (track 8)
Armando Croce – Drums (track 8)
Marco Sfogli – Electric Guitars (track 9)
Aidan Zammit – Keyboards (track 9)
Gianluca Plamieri – Drums (track 9)

Record Label: RareNoise Records | | RareNoise Facebook
Catalogue#: RNR084
Date of Release: 17th November 2017

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