Edwin & Feliciati - Twinscape Vol 2

Colin Edwin & Lorenzo Feliciati – Twinscapes Vol.2: A Modern Approach To The Dancefloor

Follow up to the first Twinscapes, Vol.2 further probes the intriguing possibilities presented by a big bottom. A synergistic collaboration between bassists Colin Edwin and Lorenzo Feliciati, with Roberto Gualdi once again providing his dexterity on the tubs. Added embellishments such as rhythm design, guitars and keyboards are also part of this resonant duo’s contributions.

Belew and Discipline era King Crimson spliced with the essences of Pino Palladino and Japan’s Mick Karn might come close to describing this music, but then we turn on the radio, listen to the Weather Report, and realise that the 1980s (the good bits) really have influenced this surprisingly enjoyable masterclass of what can be achieved when two four string guitars play melody and rhythm with equal billing. The backing keyboards and guitars are presented in their correct position in the mix with the drums, especially on Ghost of Tangier, more than making this a rounded group effort in sonic parameters alone.

Severing Suns has a Gregorian Chant motif that gives this track a huge soundtrack feel to a yet to be filmed Italian spy movie which further defies the ‘Dancefloor’ title of the album, unless, that is, you own more than the required two legs normally associated with humans…

Future Echo, Precipice (featuring guest Reuben Balch on alto and flute), and Heat Collision are well played fusion styled pieces, whilst In a Haze utilises an eBow on Edwin’s instrument and it’s a lovely slowly drifting / intertwining of both basses held up by the combination of real drums and programmed percussion, packed to the brim with texture and substance.

Of course this excellent album snares you in from the starting block where opening Tin Can do doff its cap to Krautrock pioneers CAN. Electronic psychedelia at the very core.

So fear not, this isn’t a dance album, it is instrumental creative design at the highest level. Both protagonists appear to understand each others abilities despite them both playing the same instrument at the same time, and one that is usually associated with rhythm alone. There’s groove, tunes (or should that be choons? – no!), atmospherics in abundance, and a good drummer to boot. Twinscapes have made a musical landscape to test not just what can be achieved with an unconventional line up but also your long suffering speakers. The music is also very uplifting, especially when the lift in question announces it is now “Going Down” to the lower floors of the frequency store…

01. Tin Can (3:08)
02. Severing Suns (6:50)
03. Bedroom Corner (4:30)
04. Future Echo (4:34)
05. in a Haze (5:08)
06. Precipice (4:03)
07. Ghosts Of Tangier (3:43)
08. The (Next) Level Think (4:42)
09. In A Daze (3:53)
10. Heat Collision (5:41)

Total Time – 46:12

Colin Edwin – Fretless Basses, Rhythm Design, Programming, eBow
Lorenzo Feliciati – Fretless & Fretted Basses, Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Sound Design
Roberto Gualdi – Drums & Percussion
~ With:
Andi Pupato – Percussion & Metallics (on The (Next) Level Think)
Reuben Balch – Flute (on Precipice), Alto Saxophone (on Future Echo)

Record Label: Rare Noise Records
Country of Origin: U.K./Italy
Date of Release: 26th October 2018

Colin Edwin & Lorenzo Feliciati – Rare Noise | Bandcamp
Colin Edwin – Website | Facebook
Lorenzo Feliciati – Website | Facebook