The Tronosonic Experience - The Tronosonic Experience

The Tronosonic Experience – The Tronosonic Experience

This band hail from Norway, and I’ll bet they’re from Trondheim, without looking at the PR blurb, I hasten to add… actually, they appear to be from Oslo. No prizes to me for that then, but listening to this fat bottomed Viking raider of an album it’s fairly clear they’ve saved all their imaginative powers for the music, which is exactly as it should be.

Sometimes The Trons seem a little unsure of their intended direction, like a car full of stoned students on a road trip, but heck, who cares what the destination is, it’s the travelling there that’s the fun part. So, we have Sabs-like bottom end mixing with furious wah-guitar and a saxophone blown to within a millimetre of its reeds’ life on Mogadon head shaker The Crossing, its extreme heaviosity bookended by two jazz-blues tunes that lay a path for, and clear up after the lead-booted beast has done its worst. A Quiet Flame eventually bursts out of its slumber, with the guitar and sax giving it another round or three as the tune bounces off the ropes.

The sole entry under “Band interests” on their Facebook page is “Fly fishing”, which explains the curiously titled Catching the Nile Perch, a piece that both ends the album and encapsulates the band with it’s jazz-inflected rhythms, off the wall Rypdal/David Torn guitar homage, tumultuous saxophone, and general menacing heaviosity, building to a roiling thunder.

The perch, needless to say, got away, but we’re told it was THIS BIG…

01. Die Streif (3:49)
02. Maelstrom (4:50)
03. No Country for Young Men (3:53)
04. Light as a Feather, Heavy as a Lead Balloon (4:13)
05. The Crossing (5:21)
06. A Quiet Flame (6:48)
07. Catching the Nile Perch (5:59)

Total Time – 34:53

Per Harald Ottesen – Electric Bass
Ivar Loe Bjørnstad – Drums
Ole Jørgen Bardal – Saxophone
Øyvind Nypan – Guitars

Record Label: Losen Records
Catalogue#: LOS 174-2
Year of Release: 2017

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