Goat - Commune

Goat – Commune

The Traveller arrives in the lost wilderness town of Korpilombolo, a settlement where they practice the Olde Religion, and one that would suit being called “two horse” if the equine creatures could survive outdoors up here, north of the Arctic Circle in darkest Sweden. The Traveller is struck by two things. Firstly, other than travelling the path unknown, what the hell had made her come here, and secondly….deep, deep, Bible blackness as her lights were well and truly extinguished by a sudden onset of heady vertigo, the like of which she had never before experienced.

The Killer awoke neither before or after dawn, as this time of year the sun seems to be always down. He did indeed put his boots on, and over those his fur-lined reindeer skin chaps, and made his way to the door. It was a pristine day…or night…the sky was clear, and instant ice crystals formed from his stream of exhaled whisky-fetid breath.

He walked across the deserted Bergvägen towards the source of a curious tribal noise, something told him the time was near. He reached inside his coat and was comforted by the presence of the well-worn heavy handle of the knife. He arrived at an anonymous red-fronted building, just like all the others in the vicinity, made different only by the throbbing music emanating from within. He pulled open the door and was rapidly overcome by a feeling of otherness. He took off his chaps and thick coat, dropping them to the floor. No-one noticed the glint of steel protruding from the inside pocket of the discarded outer garment. The Killer found himself ushered into the centre of a gyrating crowd, as lysergic music poured forth from the masked shamen and women on the low stage. This musical coven was known as Goat to the gathering of starchildren present, the Goatslaves, and they were playing out a hometown ritual not ten yards from where The Killer stood. A small gap had opened in the throng, and standing opposite him with eyes like pissholes in the snow, and swaying to the compulsive rhythm stood The Traveller.

The two protagonists made eye contact, The Killer’s mission now long forgotten. As the hypnotic groove of Words swirled tendril-like through the thick air, the two lost souls cut rugs like man and woman possessed, all while the gathering of ancient tribes went about their ancient magical ceremony.

And now the actual review…

Beyond their Situationist myth making, the always mysterious Goat are a band who trip the light (and dark) fantastic with an unbounded appetite for consciousness-expanding tribal rhythmic excursions, garage rock, and 60s psychedelia, all infused with an otherworldly ethnic vibe that informs everything they do with a wide but knowing smile. And that’s all you really need to know.

“Every time I hear something by Goat, I am kind of amused, intrigued, grooved and kinda turned on, and I start smiling”. So says Iggy Pop, and I can see what he means.

01. Talk To God (6:39)
02. Words (3:06)
03. The Light Within (2:57)
04. To Travel The Path Unknown (2:29)
05. Goatchild (4:01)
06. Goatslaves (4:46)
07. Hide From The Sun (3:36)
08. Bondye (5:01)
09. Gathering Of Ancient Tribes (6:18)

Total Time – 38:55

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Record Label: Rocket Recordings
Catalogue#: N/A
Year Of Release: 2014

Main Website: Goat
Social Media: Facebook
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