Haken - Fauna

Haken – Fauna

Since Haken’s last album, 2020’s Virus, the band have parted company with long-standing keyboardist Diego Tejeida. The reason given was the standard ‘musical differences’ cliché, albeit worded as “very different musical visions”. As a result, Fauna, Haken’s seventh album, is…

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Haken - header

Haken / Bent Knee

Islington Assembly Hall, London Saturday, 16th March 2019 Bent Knee As Bent Knee take to the stage for the final night of their European tour supporting Haken, they are greeted by a healthy crowd curious to find out what this…

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Haken - Vector

Haken – Vector

You probably wouldn’t have been expecting me to review Vector after my disparaging comments about 2016’s Affinity, and yet here I am. Just as I punish myself by watching the latest series of The Simpsons and The Walking Dead to…

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Haken - Affinity

Haken – Affinity

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this decade, you’ll have no doubt heard of Haken, the latest truly progressive band to take the world by storm. Despite being able to be broadly categorised with the humdrum tag of ‘prog-metal’,…

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