Erik Brudvik – Brudini

With Brudini‘s new album, From Darkness, Light, released on Apollon Records, TPA’s Nick Hudson spoke to Brudini, (aka Erik Brudvik)… Hi Erik, having just finished my review of from Darkness, Light, in all honesty, it’s a very strong contender for…

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Nick D'Virgilio

Nick D’Virgilio

With his second solo album, Invisible, released earlier this year, TPA’s Tony Colvill talks to Nick D’Virgilio, drummer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire with Spock’s Beard, Genesis (briefly), Big Big Train, and many more… Nick, having released a solo album, Karma,…

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Israel Gil – Aisles

Something Old, Something New… Aisles were first presented to me with their 4:45 AM album, I loved it, it was different and exciting, it was quintessentially English or (North) American. Now there are changes, the core of the band remains…

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