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Richard Macphail - My Book of Genesis

Richard Macphail – My Book Of Genesis

Published on 16th November 2018 | by Roger Trenwith

I remember, long, long ago, being curious as to the purpose of the happy looking chap in the top hat on the inside cover of Foxtrot, the very first Genesis album I bought, probably around 1974... Read More

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THRAK by King Crimson - The Complete Scores

THRAK by King Crimson – The Complete Scores

Published on 7th February 2018 | by Eric Strother

Former King Crimson member Trey Gunn has partnered with Gabriel Riccio to create a set of full-band transcriptions of the band’s 1995 release THRAK. They do a good job not only of transferring those recorded performances... Read More


Phil Collins - Not Dead Yet

Phil Collins – Not Dead Yet

Published on 15th April 2017 | by Rob Fisher

Time and public perception have been neither kind nor entirely fair to Phil Collins. A hugely impressive song-writer, musician, performer and (to a lesser extent) actor, his prolific success in the mid ’90s made him an... Read More


Paul Morley - The Age of Bowie

Paul Morley – The Age of Bowie

Published on 27th March 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

Back in the days of the tabloid-sized music weeklies, or “inkies” as they were known, for a period from the mid ’70s until the early ’80s the NME was my music Bible. It was The Guardian... Read More


Opeth - Book of Opeth

Opeth – Book of Opeth

Published on 27th April 2016 | by Jez Rowden

Here’s something a little different for TPA. As part of their twenty-fifth anniversary, Opeth embarked on putting together a book, an inside look at the band from the perspective of the people who were there. Now... Read More

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