Karda Estra - Idols in the Flesh

Karda Estra – Idols in the Flesh

Come hither, curious listener, and enter the mysterious world of Karda Estra, who this time around take us on a journey into dank and dark ambient caves that conjure scenes from an imaginary Bram Stoker novel. The lack of light on the journey makes the brushing of gentle fronds on your face as you descend into a twinkling netherworld both surprising and strangely alluring. On Part 2, the brief classical piano runs, and lonely acoustic guitar passages backed with unexpected chord sequences recall the usually dominant chamber classical-Gothic element of Karda Estra’s moderately-sized and perfectly formed back catalogue.

Idols in the Flesh is an amorphous affair that came about from much manipulation applied to pre-existing but then as yet unused pieces from the Karda Estra archive, giving rise to the resurrection of Richard Wileman’s musical nom-de-plume, which he previously thought had been “laid to rest”.

The Unhappy Breed is a re-working of the theme from the Karda Estra track The Happy Breed, to be found on the 2013 album Mondo Profundo, and is one of the few more “straightforward” pieces contained herein. Church of the Flesh gets back into the Stygian flow, drifting rudderless into the dark light. The album ends with Into the Flesh, Pt.4, which contains some of the strangest sounds committed to virtual tape under the Karda Estra name.

This is a short review of Karda Estra’s new album, the main meat in the sandwich is my recent interview with Richard Wileman, wherein he talks about the album and much more. You can read it HERE.

01. Idols In The Flesh, Pt.1 (6:35)
02. Idols In The Flesh, Pt.2 (5:18)
03. Idols In The Flesh, Pt.3 (8:31)
04. The Unhappy Breed (4:48)
05. Church of Flesh (5:43)
06. Idols In The Flesh, Pt.4 (10:55)

Total Time – 42:14

Richard Wileman – Music, Production, Art
Amy Fry – Vocals (track 6)

Record Label: Independent
Country of Origin: U.K.
Date of Release: 3rd October 2020

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