A Different Aspect #38

In this update we feature: • Neil Campbell – The Forest Dwellers [EP] • Vasudeva – Generator • Liontortoise – Photosynthesis [EP] • Plastic Noose – PN50 • Widmer-Stauss – Duos • Markus Stauss – 5 Compositions 2017-19 & Neolithic…

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Echorec - The Island

Echorec – The Island

If you google Echorec, apparently it’s some kind of guitar effect pedal. Well, it could have been worse, they could have called themselves Wah Wah. Anyway, this Echorec are a young trio from the West Country, and The Island is…

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A Different Aspect - ADA#37

A Different Aspect #37

In this update we feature: • Lemurian Folk Songs – Logos • Satorinaut – Montañas, Mares, Desiertos y Vagabundos • Liquidacid – Soylent Solstice • Képzelt Város – Samizdat Until days ago, I had albums from only two Hungarian bands…

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Katatonia - City Burials

Katatonia – City Burials

There is a significant difference between a concept album and the concept of an album. It is not a distinction which had previously caught my attention until I read a recent interview with Katatonia’s vocalist Jonas Renske. Comparing ‘our’ generation…

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Stian Westerhus - Redundance

Stian Westerhus – Redundance

Sometimes, an album inspires me to write in a fashion that mirrors its artistic endeavour, and avant guitar wrangler Stian Westerhus’s last album, Amputation, was one such. Words such as “fraught”, “twitching”, “maelstrom” and “melancholic” abound, and that’s just the…

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