John Lodge - B Yond - The Very Best Of

John Lodge – B Yond – The Very Best Of

Fifty years ago John Lodge was at the very heart of a musical revolution as bass guitarist, vocalist and songwriter with The Moody Blues. I was delighted, therefore, to learn that he is set to release a long overdue collection of his career highlights and even more delighted when a copy of B Yond – The Very Best Of landed on my doormat.

Better still, B Yond is not just a collection of his best work snipped from those legendary Moody’s albums but a very contemporary take on familiar tracks, new life breathed into them by John and the excellent band he has gathered around him for his solo live tours.

“With this album I wanted to share my ‘deep cuts’, says John. “songs that I’ve wanted to revisit, and songs which have become an important part of my life. It is this which has taken me back into the studio, to record again with my Fender Precision Bass.”

And what a great start to the disc, a live recording of I’m Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band, one of John’s classics from the Moody’s 1972 Seventh Sojourn album. Of course, John never was just a singer. He is recognised as one of rock’s most influential bass players and is a very equal partner in the Moody’s legacy as one of the most influential bands of all time.

Back in 1967 The Moody Blues were pioneers of the new progressive rock scene, a remarkable change of fortune for, what was becoming, a washed-up blues outfit. They went on to inspire, and still do, generations of young bands with an eye on a picture bigger than the instant fame of a 3-minute single.

Whilst I still love the original version, this recording of Singer adds a live energy that really captures the essence of the song and gives it a purpose, an autobiographical narrative and sets the tone for this Very Best Of look at John’s contribution to the Moody’s success.

John has returned to the studio to recreate a three tracks with his current touring band of Alan Hewitt (keyboards), Duffy King (guitars) and Billy Ashbaugh (drums). Hewitt, who co-produced the album with John, has done a great job with the keyboards filling the (Days Of Future Passed) orchestral passages on (Evening) Time To Get Away. The whole band gels well to give a harder edge to, what is, such a well known and familiar piece.

Similarly, the late Ray Thomas’s Legend Of A Mind has a fresh, rockier feel. John and Ray were very close friends and, John says, it is important for him to keep Ray’s memory alive by including this track here and in his solo live performances. This is a great tribute to the Moody’s flautist who passed away at the beginning of 2018.

The band have also re-recorded Street Cafe, a lively up-tempo picture of urban life from John’s first solo outing Natural Avenue (1977). Two more tracks from Natural Avenue have been remixed giving these oft-overlooked pieces a new lease of life. Summer Breeze, Summer Song is light and airy while Say You Love Me is elevated by a richer production and fuller sound.

Two tracks are featured from John’s second album (38 years after the first!) 10,000 Light Years Ago. In My Mind and Get Me Out Of Here both feature the guitar of Chris Spedding. The former is a particularly powerful and brooding piece, Spedding’s soaring guitar and John’s vocals conjuring strong images of Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour at his best.

The remaining tracks are live versions of old favourites. Saved By The Music (from Blue Jays) features a great guitar solo by Duffy King while Gemini Dream, the sultry Isn’t Life Strange? and Ride My See-Saw complete this retrospective collection from one of prog-rock’s legends.

B Yond – The Very Best Of John Lodge is available on CD on Friday 27th September through BMG Records. A double vinyl (180g) gatefold edition will be released in November.

01. I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band) (Live) (5:11)
02. Summer Breeze, Summer Song (2019 Remix) (5:22)
03. In My Mind (4:52)
04. Street Café (2019) (3:52)
05. (Evening) Time To Get Away (2019) (4:09)
06. Saved By The Music (Live) (5:59)
07. Legend Of A Mind (2019) (6:05)
08. Say You Love Me (2019 Remix) (6:17)
09. Get Me Out Of Here (3:55)
10. Gemini Dream (Live) (4:07)
11. Isn’t Life Strange (Live) (7:20)
12. Ride My See-Saw (Live) (4:35)

Total Time – 61:44

John Lodge – Lead Vocals, Bass, 12-String Acoustic Guitar
Alan Hewitt – Keyboards, Vocals (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12)
Billy Ashbaugh – Drums (4, 5, 7)
Duffy King – Guitars (4, 5, 7)
Gordon Marshall – Drums (1,3, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12)
Norda Mullen – Flute, Vocals (1, 6, 10, 11, 12)
Tim Maple – Guitars (1, 6, 10, 11, 11, 12)
Gemma Johnson – Cello (1, 6, 10, 11, 12)
Kenney Jones – Drums (2, 8)
Steve Simpson – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals (2, 8)
Mick Weaver – Piano (2, 8)
Jimmy Jewel – Sax (2)
Brian Rogers – Orchestra (2, 8)
Chris Spedding – Electric Guitars (3, 8, 9)
Brian Price – Guitars (3, 9)
Brian Howe – Vocals (3, 9)
Angie Kenney – Vocals (4)
Gary Osbourne – Vocals (8)
John Richardson – Vocals (8)
Alan Williams – Vocals (8)
Billy Lowrie – Vocals (8)

Record Label: BMG Records
Catalogue No: CD – 538517342 | Digital Audio – 538517354 | Vinyl – 538522141
Producer: John Lodge and Alan Hewitt
Date of Release: 27th September 2019

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