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Nad Sylvan

With the recent release of The Regal Bastard, the concluding part of his Vampirate trilogy, Nad Sylvan answered a few quick fire questions, from John Wenlock-Smith, about the album.

The new album is the final part of the Vampirate trilogy, its an unusual concept, is this partly based on your proximity to water where you live and or Swedish myth and legends at all?

No, not really. But I was raised by the sea outside Gothenburg and was heavily into sail racing in my youth. So I was always in love with the salty sea and the life surrounding it.

The album is a lot less Prog in tone then previously as it is more focusing on songs. Was this a natural step for you?

Yes. Music just comes to me. I don’t go looking for it.

The songs are great especially Whoa and Meet Your Maker, both of which show your vocals off to maximum effect, was this a conscious decision?

No. I just sing what comes to mind when I write.

The last two tracks are not part of Vampirate trilogy why is this so?

Because the lyrics didn’t fit into the plot. My initial idea was to make a single vinyl album, but then the songs got just a little too stretched out to actually fit on two sides. And for the CD version, 45 minutes is a little short, so I kind of liked the idea of having two bonus tracks on, something I haven’t done before.

You certainly have some great contacts to call upon. Who would you like to work with if you had the opportunity to?

If you mean in a live setting, I would probably ask everyone of them to see who’s available.

This music would lend itself well to a visual setting. Any plans to live shows soon?

No, not soon. Probably in the second half of 2020. I am so committed to Steve Hackett at the moment.

Nad Sylvan

I believe that you have started to think about your next album. Any clues to what direction this could take?

Yes, but I’m not telling. 😉

I have read elsewhere that The Count could reappear somewhere else along the road. Any thoughts on that possibility?

If you mean the Vampirate, I hope I haven’t completely killed him off yet.

Apart from the touring with Steve Hackett what’s next for you?

Taking care of my house and garden.

For new fans what songs in this trilogy are essential to convey the tale of The Count? Vampirates for dummies in essence can you recommend these?

It would in fact be a great thing to make a “best of” album from these three records, as there are always some songs that are stronger than others, or at least stand out more. I see these songs more like independent short stories with the same characters, even though there is a conceptual way of thinking. But songs like “Carry Me Home”, “Courting The Widow”, “Long Slow Crash Landing” from the first album, “The Quartermaster”, “The White Crown” and “The Bride Said No” from the second and “I Am The Sea”, “Oahu”, “The Regal Bastard” and “Leave Me On These Waters”/“Honey I’m Home” from the last one has a strong link.

Finally congratulations on bringing this series to a close and for making such great music.

Thank you for answering these questions. I wish you well with the album.