Nova - The Intergalactic Traveler

Nova – The Intergalactic Traveler

Nova describe The Intergalactic Traveler as: “An audiovisual journey, through space and time. Inspired by the colors and shapes of the known and unknown universe, the trio wanders through the infinite expanses of the musical cosmos, exploring strange new worlds, creating futuristic atmospheres and taking surprising turns”.

Swiss guitarist Christian Zatta, Florian Bolliger on bass and drummer Daniel Schuchter do in fact take us on stellar journey, and straight from the off Overture: World Collapse opens with slow electric guitar arpeggios and cool deep bass, before an incisive riff section leads us to a Rush-like vibe. The great drumming, bass and flashy guitar-work that follow will take you right back to early Rush, mixed with Joe Satriani in this cool instrumental.

Warp 9 again opens with an excellent electric guitar, somewhat free flowing and improvised, with a cool Middle Eastern chiming atmosphere. The rhythm section again are key. I couldn’t help referencing The Doors track The End – if you listen carefully. Following this we have percussive plucked bass and lead guitar, with well timed drums and percussion. Something that Les Claypool and Primus would put together. The best instrumental on the album.

Full of immense energy, Planet I is another wonderful, jazzy and at the same time progy instrumental, and the battles between drums, guitar and bass that ensue are simply magic in another great instrumental. Circularity Pt. 1 features some great work from bassist Florian Bolliger, the pace is a little more laid back here and jazzy infused guitar soothes and relaxes, with hints of Rush towards the end in a ‘hats off’ to La Villa Strangiato.

Time Delation continues the jazzy vibe in a great relaxing ‘by a pier’ kinda afternoon or evening song. Mr. Q, whilst retaining the laid back vibe, is a free floating instrumental with a bluesy tinge. Great ensemble playing. The brief Interlude: 3K on the other hand, features rippling arpeggios, not a million miles away from Mr. Hackett, a wonderful, mysterious interlude.

Proggy time shifts, deep bass, electric guitar and expert drumming build a powerful rhythm during Fermi Paradox, with more than a nod or two towards Al Di Meola, whilst Circularity Pt. 2 is a return to a similar rhythm from the first part – although this version is more mysterious and intriguing.

The remaining two tracks continue the excellent work. A Life To Remember is a slow burner, full of atmosphere, whereas Gran Finale – A Distant Constellation is an intriguing track worthy of the finale. Again another slow burner that builds and builds.

If you enjoy finely crafted instrumental music then this is an album you need to get. All the tracks are available to hear at the Nova Youtube page. You will not be disappointed.

01. Overture: World Collapse (6:03)
02. Warp 9 (4:56)
03. Planet I (5:57)
04. Circularity Pt. 1 (7:55)
05. Time Delation (7:33)
06. Mr. Q (6:10)
07. Interlude: 3K (2:12)
08. Fermi Paradox (5:56)
09. Circularity Pt. 2 (4:21)
10. A Life To Remember (5:57)
11. Gran Finale – A Distant Constellation (7:03)

Total Time – 74:03

Christian Zatta – Guitars
Florian Bolliger – Bass
Daniel Schuchter – Drums

Record Label: Independent
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Date of Release: 17th November 2018

Nova – Website | Facebook | Youtube