KDB3 – I Fill My Days With Noise

KDB3 – I Fill My Days With Noise

Based on the Northwest Gulf Coast of Florida is keyboard player, multi-instrumentalist and singer Doug Bowers, aka KDB3, and I Fill My Days With Noise is his third release, another recent discovery in my regular hunting ground, CD Baby. Bowers plays all the instruments, however he has enlisted several guitarists to guest across the release. This album is a great break from the typical modern progressive rock circulating throughout the world and it stands tall with unique keyboard sounds that bring back memories of the past. Bowers is also and integral part of the band Ad Astra, who have participated on the Christian Progressive Rock compilation album Volume Number 3.

Pitfall & Snare opens with a shower of beautiful keyboards before something completely unexpected hits you; the cool keyboard rhythms and sounds that I remember so well from Harold Faltermeyer’s soundtrack for Fletch. What an excellent throwback memory that immediately stimulates reminiscing the great music of the past.

The lyrics on this album are both stirring and powerful, as most Christian progressive bands produce. Bowers sings, “The world we share is troubled as it has always been. By nightfall it has doubled, seems evil gets the win. But what He whispers in our pleasure, He shouts to us in our pain. He will guard us for forever and forever is our gain. For I am with you everywhere”. Not only are the keyboards great, the drumming and guitar work is full of inspiration.

Time from Time opens with bass strumming and clock-like ticking from the drum sticks. Then a turn to Rush–like action, full of momentum, before cool keys take over and rev forward. The organ work is inventive and wonderful as the music moves along. Another powerful sea of multiple keyboard sounds that will fill any keyboard lover’s ears with joy.

Brand New Day opens with uplifting piano notes and sounds of Kansas. Sweeping violin–like sounds provide the vision of open fields and plains full of space, a complex instrumental that would fit well as an opening to one of Kansas’ many epic songs. But just when you think it will be an instrumental, Bowers brings some of the best lyrics on the album: “We’re not given to tomorrow. No worth in counting of our days. Nor is there time for us to borrow. Past moments lost along life’s ways. What we see is so much less than what there is. And so much more than we can ever grasp”. The best song on the album.

Lear Jet Gospel was inspired as a commentary on the words of the televangelist Jesse Duplantis, based on news reports. Pastor Duplantis believed that his congregation should purchase him a Lear Jet, because God wanted him to have it to travel the world.  The music is as good as the lyrics in this song, where Doug Bowers takes apart the sad presumption of Duplantis using excellent keys and a great group of guitarists, with fine soloing to help make light of Duplantis’ notion. The lyrics and background soundbites from preachers and news reports are used to decry the foolish notion that religious leaders need money and jets to spread the Word, rather than believers; “We are all familiar with the charlatans proclaiming riches beyond our wildest dreams if only we give to them”. A powerful message delivered with inspired prose and music.

Troll is about how some people use the internet to have “fun”, attacking others anonymously. Trolling is so pervasive in the online world and Bowers must be fed up with it as he decided to write a rocking song in response. This is a regular rocker with very little prog to it, but a good song none the less.

Far Away closes the album on a high note. The longest track on the album, the opening power guitar licks are wonderful before cool keys join in. The guitar solos are very strong as is the intricate keyboard work, and added flute is an excellent addition.  The Tony Banks’ keyboards similarities will absolutely astonish you towards the mid-point.

Every track on this album is worthy addition to progressive rock history, and a great surprise to find near the end of 2018. Thankfully I have not completed my best of 2018 yet, I Fill My Days With Noise will definitely make the list. Get it and enjoy it during the season that Christians most cherish. It is the perfect accompaniment.

01. Pitfall & Snare (7:28)
02. Time from Time (5:26)
03. Brand New Day (9:21)
04. Lear Jet Gospel (11:13)
05. Troll (4:54)
06. Far Away (13:57)

Total Time – 52:19

Doug Bowers – All Instruments
~ With:
Chuck Tidwell – Guitar
Billy Holmes – Guitar
Mark Thompson – Guitar
Mike Burstein – Guitar
Ellen Sheppard – Guitar
Kieran McNight – Reading from Hebrews

Record Label: Independent
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Date of Release: 25th November 2018

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