Lazleitt – On the Brink

Lazleitt – On the Brink

Lazleitt is an eclectic progressive rock project led by Alex Lazcano, from Washington, DC and their debut album is a very good musical work of art, and may well have this band following their album title, On the Brink to stardom.

Alex Lazcano is a founding member and guitarist of the now defunct progressive rock band The Oracle, from Naples, Florida, which changed its name to Spent. In 2010 he released The Better to Lick You With under the project name Violet Glower. As well as Lazleitt, Alex has started work on another project, a rock opera entitled Dr. Yellowbrain: A Psychological Rock Opera which is still a work in progress.

First up, Alex Lazcano has a hard to place voice, which makes everything he sings sound new and fresh. He is somewhere between Weird Al Yankovic and Chris De Burgh – imagine that mix (and I mean the Weird Al comparison as a compliment). On the Brink is a fantastic voyage, a concept album which will make you think, learn and relax to some pretty wonderful music. The orchestration Lazcano uses throughout the story makes this small group sound much larger than it is; those keys are used to awesome effect early in the Intro, and throughout the completely instrumental three or four tracks that follow.

Just like any great progressive concept album, Lazcano sets up the opening with a preview of what the story is about with lyrics and vocals, then he lets it go as keyboards, bass, lead guitar and drums take over. The First Trail delivers more of the story before IQ-like majestic keyboards and guitar take over. Beyond The Door There Is No Pain, the longest track on the album, includes probably the best instrumental playing; the bass is Geddy Lee/Chris Squire-like, the guitar solos are overwhelming, and the keyboard work is wonderful.

Most of the story is told with instrumental interludes and guitar solos, well supported with deep bass and drums. John Pomeroy’s flute playing is a wonderful addition to the mix on Spinning Clocks and The Eighth Paradigm. The acoustic guitars are also well appreciated. The only drawback to the whole project is that sometimes the rhythm and melody seem to be repeated. The melodies are great, but at times they are repeated too often.

Get this album of pure progressive rock overtures and melodies. Listen to something different with some of the wonderful instrumentation and music you remember from the past.

01. Intro: The Doorway (4:28)
02. Tangential Wisdom (2:19)
03. The First Trail (2:04)
04. The Flame (On The Brink) (2:00)
05. Beyond The Door There Is No Pain (7:36)
06. The Second Flame (4:11)
07. Spinning Clocks (1:45)
08. The Eighth Paradigm (2:55)
09. The Riddle (1:50)
10. Parallel Dreams (1:42)
11. The Second Trail (1:02)
12. Through The Gates Of Life (2:38)
13. Finale: Memories Of A Battle (2:42)

Total Time – 37:12

Alex Lazcano – Rhythm, Lead & Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Jorge Cortes Cuyas – Drums
John Pomeroy – Flute
~ With:
Eric Gillette – Lead Guitar

Record Label: Independent
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Date of Release: 31st August 2018

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