Cyrcus Flyght - The Clueless Caravan

Cyrcus Flyght – The Clueless Caravan

This is the new album from German outfit Cyrcus Flyght and it’s a mixture of genres, Power Metal and Classic Rock with Progressive leanings. It actually comes over as a good listen with some memorable songs across its running time. Working from a download is not ideal but it certainly gives a glimpse of what this band sound like, even though the information is fairly scant.

Opener At the End of All Time is a very memorable tune and the voice of Izzy D’Ambrosio is clear and captivating. There’s a strong chorus and hook line and it sets the album up nicely, lots of crashing power chords driving the piece along in a suitably swift manner. The next track, Endless Fall, is the album’s longest and most Prog friendly, with plenty of breathy ethereal voices throughout its nine minute duration, sounding really good and is definitely one that grabs the attention well. Sadly my knowledge of female fronted prog and rock bands is fairly limited so I have no reference points of who this might sound similar to, but it too gallops along very pleasingly, the presence of keyboards, in the background, expanding the sound out. Guitarist Uwe Fleischhauer works overtime on this particular track with lots of melodic fills and harmony lines being used to great effect, there is certainly some interesting stuff here.

Next is the instrumental Twilight Of Sin and again it’s a great little piece, opening with a ferocious guitar salvo from Uwe, strong keyboards from Olaf Gersch and powerful bass playing from Andreas Bönecke. There’s a great solo from Uwe too, this shorter piece really capturing the energy of the band. Then it’s on to Devil’s Daughter, a harder hitting song with interesting lyrics and a strong vocal from Izzy. This leads to another instrumental guitar led track which has shades of Jeff Beck to it, along with a good melody and a great performance from Uwe.

Finger Am Abzug is all sung in German but still sounds good, even though I have no idea what Izzy is singing about. It’s certainly delivered with passion and it isn’t a bad performance from the sounds of it. Lastly it’s Am Ende Der Zeit, again sung in German, which has an interesting main riff, very angular sounding, and it’s a fine piece. It’s probably better if you speak the language, it’s actually a different version of At the End of All Time.

Overall this is a good album and one that shows promise of more to come from a band that I’d certainly recommend hearing. It’s not that heavy, more melodic really and with some great ideas thrown in. I like it a lot.

01. At The End Of All Time (5:07)
02. Endless Fall (9:09)
03. Walk The Line (:27)
04. Devils Daughter (5:09)
05. Instrumental (3:03)
06. Finger Am Abzug (5:08)
07. An Ende Der Zeit (5:05)

Total Time – 46:22

Izzy D’Ambrosio – Vocals
Uwe Fleischhauer – Guitars
Andreas Bönecke – Bass
Olaf Gersch – Keyboards
Kai-Uwe Broek – Drums

Record Label: Freya Records
Country of Origin: Germany
Date of Release: 11th May 2018

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