Fernando Perdomo - Out To Sea

Fernando Perdomo – Out To Sea

This is the debut album from Dave Kerzner Band member Fernando Perdomo, guitarist and bassist, who pretty much does everything on this album, barring one drum track. This is a totally instrumental tour de force from Fernando, and one which harks back to classic era progressive rock from the 1970s, with tracks dedicated to some of his musical heroes, including Peter Banks (The Architect), Focus (De Boerdeij), Curved Air (Sonja) and John Wetton (Starless).

There is a lot of guitar all over this album, not shredding sort, rather this is all very tastefully done with a delicacy and lightness of touch that shows some real skill and talent.

Opener The Architect takes a Peter Banks tone with some chunky riffage, all very appealing and one can almost smell the patchouli oil or joss sticks simmering in the burner, such is the sense of late ’60s Yes. Intriguing, charming and a great opener, this is followed by the title track with its strong Steve Hackett influence – no bad thing in my book. Obviously Fernando is a big fan of Mr Hackett as can be felt here with the clean solo lines and the guitar tone he adopts for this song, again a very pleasing track which grows as the melody soars ever higher. This is seriously good stuff, but be warned, you need to stay with this for a while for its magic to be released – but it is there in the music for sure.

De Boerdeij harks back to Focus’ classic House of the King and Sylvia, as it follows a similar pace with an acoustic opening interjected by a strident solo guitar line, before reverting to the acoustic. Another song which shows Fernando’s not inconsiderable skill in approximating the deft style of Jan Akkerman, and also in creating a song that is worthy of the great man himself, this is a classic waiting to be discovered and deserves a much wider audience than it will probably receive.

Roses Spread All Over The World is next with another great guitar tone (heavy on the tremelo pedal one thinks) and a very solid and memorable melody. The more I’ve played this album the more I’ve enjoyed it, this is a very talented musician who covers all the bases well with inventive and clever material. Hopefully this album will do well for Fernando as anyone who likes good guitar playing will find much to enjoy here for sure.

The Future According To Roye is a tribute to Roye Albrighton and Nektar, and again there is a fine guitar line and tone which matches perfectly the ground-breaking work that that band had in the 1970s and beyond. The next song is very short and not entirely successful in my opinion, seeming to go nowhere special, although it does give Fernando a chance to show his chops somewhat and doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Sonja is a tribute to Sonja Kristina and Curved Air, with the guitar playing a muted melody line similar to Darryl Way’s violin on early Curved Air classics. Again the tone is lovely in a brief but great little tune with nice use of a harmoniser too. Very classy indeed.

The final piece is also the longest at almost sixteen minutes long and is a tribute to John Wetton and classic 1970s era King Crimson. Initially I thought it was going to be a cover of KC’s Starless, but instead Fernando seems to have used it as a starting point for an extended piece opening with piano and a delicate guitar line. This is a very exciting and constantly moving piece with great guitar throughout, obviously from a big fan of King Crimson, and this is a well crafted track that shows that influence to staggering effect, one that has shades of the original Starless alongside a very effective Fender Rhodes piano part this is a triumph. It’s a song that calls for far wider acclaim, a prog fan’s wet dream, and I would urge all Crimson fans to hear this majestic masterpiece urgently.

In summary this is very fine album indeed and comes highly recommended by this humble reviewer.

01. The Architect (4:07)
02. Out To Sea (4:16)
03. De Boerdeij (3:11)
04. Roses Spread Over The World (3:44)
05. The Future According To Roye (6:23)
06. The Dream (2:43)
07. Sonja (2:35)
08. Dreaming In Stereo (16:03)
09. Starless (5:05)**
** only available on the CD version

Total Time – 42:54

Fernando Perdomo – All Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Synthesizers & Drums

Record Label: Cherry Red Records
Catalogue#: FMR027
Date of Release: 9th February 2018

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