Special Providence - Will

Special Providence – Will

This is the fifth and latest album from Hungarian band Special Providence, a Jazz/Proto Metal band who mix jazz fusion interludes with a prog metallic crunch and attack, and yet still manage to create some great sounding grooves to work from.

Will features a lot of very complex time signatures and dynamic rhythms alongside some fabulous virtuoso playing from all four musicians, each of whom has a very well-honed set of skills so fans of complex instrumentals will find much to enjoy here. This album really cooks, percolating very nicely indeed. In fact fans of Dream Theater, Gordian Knot or Vanden Plas will be on familiar ground here.

Especially worthy of note are the various keyboard moods set out by Zsolt Kaltenecker and the majestic sweeping guitars of Morton Kertesz alongside which you find the frantic drums of Adam Marko, all of which are unpinned and propelled by the fine bass work of Attila Fehervari (maybe he should be called Attila The Stun!). This is ferocious stuff, the finest exponents of which are displayed on A Magnetic Moment or The Ancient Cosmic Bubble, both of which impress greatly with their chugging rhythms and sheer versatility.

Will is an album that only gradually releases its treasure, so that means no cursory listening. In fact it should be given at least 4 or 5 plays plays before things crystallise and start to drop into place, but when then do you will grasp that beyond the intensity and the frantic rhythms lies a work of true grace and beauty, plus its very exciting to listen to as each musician really is at the top of his game here, making for a satisfying listening experience that will also encourage you to check out their back catalogue, which is all available through the normal channels or via their website.

Put simply, this is a great album and well worth hearing, especially if you enjoy challenging music with exemplary playing throughout. Think a more metallic Zappa or a jazz Metallica for instance and you won’t be a million miles off.

I enjoyed it immensely, this is a album that rewards you slowly but it is so worth the effort. These guys have the talent to break through in a big way and I sincerely hope that this is the case as they certainly have lots to offer a discerning listener.

01. Akshayab Tritiya (5:28)
02. Irrelevant Connotations (4:27)
03. A Magnetic Moment (5:15)
04. Will (3:32)
05. Neptunian Pyramid Chill (4:40)
06. Slow Spin (4:32)
07. The Rainmaker (6:44)
08. Mos Eisley (4:16)
09. The Ancient Cosmic Bubble (7:25)
10. Distant Knowledge (5:31)

Total Time 51:50

Zsolt Kaltenecker – Keyboards, Electronics
Marton Kertesz – Guitar
Attuila Fehervari – Bass Guitar
Adam Marko – Drums

Record Label: Giant Electric Pea
Catalogue#: GEP 01656
Date of Release: 23rd October 2017

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