Mike Porcel – Echoes

Mike Porcel – Echoes

CDBaby.com is a real treasure trove to find great contemporary music and while searching one day recently I discovered Cuban born American musician Mike Porcel and his latest album, Echoes.

Echoes is a musical expression of a life journey and Porcel uses progressive rhythms and instrumentation, accentuated with classic orchestrations to highlight this adventure; from departure, through the voyage to reaching the ultimate destination of life. Along the way, he provides several wonderful original compositions of musical prowess, which underscore his deep experience and diverse composition and performance background.

Porcel is the co-founder and musical director of the Cuban progressive-rock band Síntesis, in addition he has successfully performed, scored, and composed some of the best music of the 1960s and ’70s Cuban theatre scene. Porcel began learning guitar at the age of three and he has continued to pursue his dream of composing music to the present day. He started his work as a band member with one of Cuba’s most famous and innovative bands in the 1960s, Los Dada, and he indeed has a rich past that should be explored in more depth, but this present Echoes production is a rich culmination of all his experience and cultural knowledge.

Echoes is an epic exploration of life’s richness, set to music. Piano, flutes, drums, guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, trumpets and orchestration all help to re-create the many mysteries of life’s experience. This is a wonderful trek through time, with spacey passages, overwhelming epochs and chasms of music. The woodwind, choral and orchestral passages are extravagant and lively with surrounding sound.

This is complex music which will take you away from life’s everyday nature and transport you willingly to a place of adventure for the mind. Every twist and turn in the journey is full of wonderful musical surprises, of instruments you may not have heard in a long time.

Get this album, put on some headphones, close your eyes and the rest will unfold harmoniously within your mind. Enjoy!

01. Echoes, Act 1: The Departure (17:17)
02. Echoes, Act 2: The Voyage (14:58)
03. Echoes, Act 1: The Arrival (13:56)

Total Time – 46:11

Mike Porcel
[Other musicians appear but details are unavailable]

Label: Independent
Catalogue#: n/a
Date of Release: 24th August 2017

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