Amplifier - Hologram

Amplifier – Hologram

It’s been a while – Hologram is Amplifier’s first album since 2017. Amplifier main man Sel Balamir has not been idle in that period, releasing two well received solo albums, Swell and ( )rphans in that Covid affected period, and…

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Amplifier / Awooga

The Exchange, Bristol Sunday, 27th May 2018 AWOOGA Awooga start the evening with an entertaining set of heavy psychedelically tinged rock. Hailing from Sheffield they are signed to Rockosmos, the label of Amplifier mainman, Sel Balamir, and there are clear…

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[With many thanks to Josep Monrós for the use of his photos, please visit his Flickr stream] The Exchange, Bristol 23rd April 2015 Charismatic and enigmatic Amplifier front man, Sel Balamir, amusingly described in a pre-gig interview (which you can…

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Amplifier - Mystoria

Amplifier – Mystoria

Amplifier main-man, Sel Balamir, has stated a desire to “put out at least a record every year while we can” and with Mystoria closely following last year’s well-received Echo Street, he’s good to his word. Sel has also gone on…

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