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The Emerald Dawn

5th March 2021 | by Tony Colvill

With The Emerald Dawn‘s new album, To Touch the Sky, due for release towards the end of this month (pre-orders... Read More

Ken Hensley

26th February 2021 | by Geoff Ford

It is one of the most unlikely albums of the year, possibly any year. My Book of Answers, the new... Read More

Stewart Clark

19th February 2021 | by Tony Colvill

With guitarist and singer Stewart Clark‘s new album, Let’s Go There recently released, TPA’s Tony Colvill asks the question, ‘Who... Read More

Perfect Storm

6th February 2021 | by Alex Driessen

The band Perfect Storm, hailing from the north of Holland, has just released an excellent debut album, entitled No Air.... Read More

Steven Wilson

29th January 2021 | by Geoff Ford

Musically, Steven Wilson’s new album, The Future Bites, is stunning and the lyrical content has the sting of a viper,... Read More

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