Metaphor – The Pearl

Metaphor – The Pearl

Metaphor is a San Francisco area progressive rock band that used to be a Genesis cover band during the mid-1990s. The fact that they covered Genesis, created an immediate interest and desire to listen to, and then review their latest…

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Falling Edge - FE3

Falling Edge – FE3

Falling Edge are an innovative Canadian band, formed in 2004, and FE3 is a fantastic album full of varied and mixed genres of music. Where Should We Go from Here? and its reprise bookend the album, all cool keys and…

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Eynomia - Break Free

Eynomia – Break Free

I found Eynomia after completing a review of keyboardist Jimmy Pitts’ other project, The Fractured Dimension. Cleansing opens with beautiful, Dream Theater-like keyboards, reminscent of Images and Words, and even some of Pendragon’s albums like Masquerade Overture. Then, heavy electric…

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