The Prog Mill (Progzilla Radio) - Infinity Special

Infinity Special on The Prog Mill [Audio Feature]

TPA / The Prog Mill – Infinity Special, with guest host Leo Trimming.

Over the course of two hours of superb music we explore the mysterious subject of ‘Infinity’, including an extended segued song cycle connected to the concept, threaded together with relevant, interesting and hopefully entertaining TV and film quotes.

With additional selections from Richard Swan [TPA], and the ‘Prog Finder General’ Anthony Dawes.

The Prog Mill (Progzilla Radio) - Infinity Special

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INFINITE FIRE – Flying Colors from ‘Flying Colors’ (2012)
RED SHIFT – Peter Hammill from ‘The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage’ (1974)

‘I PRESENT TO YOU INFINITY…’ – Steven Berkoff/ BBC from ‘To Infinity & Beyond’ – Horizon BBC TV (2012)
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE ARE FLOATING IN SPACE – Spiritualized from ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, We are Floating in Space’ (1997)
INTERSTELLAR (Infinity Edit) – Amplifier from ‘Octopus’ (2010)
SPACE AND TIME – The Verve from ‘Urban Hymns’ (1997)
FOREVER – The Charlatans from ‘Us and Us Only’ (1999)
FOREVER I’VE KNOWN – The Maccabees from ‘Given to the Wild’ (2012)
YELLOW HEDGEROW DREAMSCAPE – Porcupine Tree from ‘Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape’ (1994)
ON AND ON AND ON – Jack White from ‘Blunderbuss’ (2012)
TIMES BECOMES / HALCYON + ON + ON / CRYSTAL CLEAR – Orbital / Mike Oldfield from ‘Orbital’ (1993) & ‘The Songs of Distant Earth’ (1994) (Mix of 3 songs in one piece)
DEFORM TO FORM A STAR – Steven Wilson from ‘Grace for Drowning’ (2011)
TEARS IN RAIN – Vangelis from ‘Bladerunner’ (1994)
SUNSET OF AGE – Anathema from ‘Falling Deeper’ (2011)
GALAXY SONG – Monty Python’s Flying Circus from ‘Monty Python Sings’ (1989)
End of Song sequence – sequence includes speech clips from ‘To Infinity & Beyond’ – Horizon BBC TV, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Battlestar Galactica’, ‘Bladerunner’ and ‘Being There’

INFINITE SUN – Kula Shaker from ‘K 2.0’ (2016)

Selections from the ‘Prog Finder General’ Anthony Dawes:
INFINITY – Sonus Umbra from ‘Digging for Zeroes’ (2005)
BOUND FOR INFINITY – Renaissance from ‘Prologue’ (1972)

Selection from Richard Swan (TPA Reviewer):
EXPLORERS OF THE INFINITE – Pendragon from ‘The Men Who Climb Mountains’ (2014)

Closing song:
BRIDGE ACROSS FOREVER – Transatlantic from ‘Bridge Across Forever’ (2001)
(including final quote from ‘What Of The Future? (In Touch With The Infinite)’ by Public Service Broadcasting/ BBC Symphony Orchestra from ‘This New Noise’) (2023)

First broadcast on 5th November 2023 – now permanently available on the Specials Podcasts Section of Progzilla Radio.

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