Mystery - Caught In The Whirlwind Of Time [Blu-ray]

Mystery – Caught in the Whirlwind of Time [Blu-ray]

It has been said before: Mystery and De Boerderij, that is a kind of unity. There can hardly be any other explanation for the fact that the Canadians keep returning to the Dutch rock temple, time and again. And not just for performing: in a number of cases also to make both audio and video recordings. In 2013, they set foot on European soil for the first time and recorded their first live album, Tales from the Netherlands, at De Boerderij, the band at that time still featuring future Yes singer Benoît David. We have already arrived at the third live release by the French-speaking prog rockers recorded in Holland: Caught in the Whirlwind of Time was recorded on 17th November 2018 as the premiere of the then just released Lies and Butterflies album. I was present that night and was very impressed by what was on offer.

Why does it always take so long for Mystery to release a new live album? More than two years have passed between recording and release, that was also the case with the previous Second Home, released on Blu-Ray. It is said that the delays are mainly due to Michel St-Père’s quest for perfection. In video land the lack of good audio means no video, so the Dutch crew had to wait a long time before the images could be linked to the music. But, dare I say, the result once again speaks for itself.

The band’s later performance in Poland, on 7th April 2019, entitled Live in Poznan saw the light of day much earlier, in November of the same year. That release received good reviews and sold well, so it is striking that the band has now released two almost identical live performances from the same tour. Except for a few songs, the setlist of both shows is the same. On the one hand, it shows the musical craftsmanship and loyal fan base, but also the Canadians’ excellent reputation as a live band.

Current singer Jean Pageau is the star of the show with his expressive voice, costume changes and dramatic stage presence. Band leader Michel St-Père is more introverted but his playing is supremely expressive, numerous close-ups demonstrating what an excellent guitarist he is.

The show was recorded by veteran John Vis’ team, who were also responsible for Mystery’s Second Home Blu-ray/DVD. An extremely professional team with excellent camera work, from all angles and positions, with an abundance of both fixed and mobile equipment. The so-called ‘mysterious’ camera adds an extra accent to this. The love for and in-depth knowledge of Mystery’s music comes at you from all sides: this is especially expressed in unparalleled transitions, always the right musician/instrument in the picture. The sheer joy of playing is also captured well on camera, it provides the extra ‘goodwill factor’, the fans’ sympathy for their heroes is overwhelming. The sound quality is also of a high standard, as it should after having been worked on (on and off) for two years.

The deluxe edition includes a Blu-ray disc with 5.1 surround digital audio and no fewer than three audio CDs in addition to an informative 16-page booklet. The 17 songs take just over two hours and 45 minutes, the video version has two more bonus videos, so it’s great value for money. The two bonus videos follow Pageau on his journey to the balcony while singing Travel to the Night, the frenzied audience surrounding him goes crazy. The second video shows the set-up, the sound check and the concert, played at an accelerated pace. A funny little extra.

In a live environment, melodic neo-proggers Mystery belong in the highest echelon of the prog genre. This fourth live release, recorded at their self-proclaimed second home, the Cultuurpodium Boerderij, in front of an enthusiastic connoisseur audience, sees them perform, for the first time, all the songs from Lies and Butterflies. In addition, the band performs a number of epic pieces from their more than 20-year history, during an almost three-hour concert. Band and audience are very enthusiastic, and this enthusiasm is certainly conveyed to the viewer in this Blu-ray. Recommended.

[Alex Driessen was at the De Boerderij concert featured in this live release, and you can read his live report HERE.]

01. Looking for Something Else (16:08)
02. The Scarlet Eye (5:40)
03. Come to Me (5:09)
04. The Willow Tree (17:48)
05. How Do You Feel? (4:47)
06. Shadow of the Lake (13:52)
07. Delusion Rain (10:23)
08. Dare to Dream (6:32)
09. Where Dreams Come Alive (7:32)
10. The Sailor and the Mermaid (4:56)
11. Wall Street King (6:16)
12. Pride (7:57)
13. Something to Believe In (7:46)
14. Travel to the Night (10:15)
15. A Song for You (14:40)
16. Chrysalis (16:38)
17. The Preacher’s Fall (8:12)

Time – 164:31

Bonus Video
01. Time-Lapse – Something To Believe In
02. A View From The Balcony – Travel To The Night

Total Time – 208:00 (approx)

Jean Pageau – Lead Vocals, Flute, Keyboards
Michel St-Père – Guitars
Sylvain Moineau – Guitars, Backing Vocals
François Fournier – Bass, Bass Pedals, Backing Vocals
Jean-Sébastien Goyette – Drums, Backing Vocals
Antoine Michaud – Keyboards

Record Label: Unicorn Digital
Country of Origin: Canada
Date of Release: 28th November 2020

– Caught in the Whirlwind of Time (live) (2020)
– Live in Poznań (live) (2019)
– Lies and Butterflies (2018)
– Second Home (live) (2017)
– Delusion Rain (2015)
– Tales from the Netherlands (live) (2014)
– The World is a Game (2012)
– One Among the Living (2010)
– Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face (2007)
– Destiny? (1998)
– Theatre of the Mind (1996)

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