Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly – Marillion

Mark Kelly, keyboardist with Marillion, is releasing his first – and long-awaited – solo project Mark Kelly’s Marathon with his new band, Marathon, at the end of November. He recently spoke with TPA’s Leo Trimming about the development of the…

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Pharaoh Overlord - 6

Pharaoh Overlord – 6

I came to this album with some reservations. Pharaoh Overlord have a larger discography than the title of their latest release might suggest, and that discography is quite varied. The band is one of Jussi Lehtisalo’s many offshoots of Finnish…

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Jump - Breaking Point

Jump – Breaking Point

The music industry is fickle, the charts like production-line models, endlessly similar until the next relaunch, Mark II, Mark III etc. Then there is Jump! This is the fourteenth studio album in a career of over 25 years; I’ve had…

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Kalandra - The Line

Kalandra – The Line

I’m well aware that the appropriateness of genre labels can be quite subjective, and yet I have to wonder just what is played on Norwegian radio for Kalandra to be “pop sensations”, even when the adjective “alternative” is sometimes added…

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Rain - Singularity

Rain – Singularity

In the year that will always be known for a disastrous pandemic, it has become increasingly noticeable how music has responded intuitively with releases redolent with both negative and positive perspectives on these strange and stressful times. In Singularity, Rain…

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