IZZ - Dont' Panic

IZZ – Don’t Panic

Taking cues from Douglas Adam’s “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” where the timely advice Don’t Panic appeared on the electronic book’s cover and also the answer to the meaning of life (the number 42) plus mathematician’s Booker and Sutherland’s disclosure that The Diophantine Equation izz K = 42 (Obvious eh?) thizz izz IZZ’s 9th album and there’s a probability factor of 42 that’s it’s their whIZZest so far.

Poppy harmonies start the album advising all with the hitherto sage advice, then second and longest piece 42 (itself) brings a Howeseque guitar (from maybe the Ocean Topographic) that causes lighters, on stun, to sway until a fast YES like rhythm (with a very Squire approach to the bass) superbly mixes the usual suspects (organ, guitar, and synths) to combine a skilful raconteur approach to their craft. A Lovely track and the reason to purchase your place on the (stolen) Heart of Gold alone.

Brothers Tom and John Galgano are New York’s equivalent of Chattanooga’s and Glass Hammer’s Steve Babb and Fred Schendel and by definition makes this a very American sounding album. Gone are the days when the British onslaught influenced the progressive rock movement in the US, they have their own and distinct approach to the genre and IZZ have kept the flag flying for over 23 years.

An acoustic guitar interlude always provided texture on albums in the past, at least that’s the theory or in the case of track three a Six String Theory and this well played section certainly justifies the Quantum gravity of the subject. It’s a welcome respite before the equally restful intro to Moment of Inertia becomes a thunderstorm deluge of minor keying, scary guitar, and full use of the double drum kits that kick some serious time changing butt until Dick Datastardly chuckles into a thick synth solo that should have Emerson fans pricking up their collective auditory lug holes. Like all good prog rock, it resolves into the major as the Moment of Inertia is gently discovered.

Age of Stars concludes with over eight minutes of hippy sentiment interplayed with the combination of the guys and gals vocalising in the most Anderson style song yet. A thoroughly enjoyable mix of the band’s increscent prowess and a gift to us men and men-eses of the street along with (of course) the rest of the cosmos in general (come on guys, step out of your saucers every now and again, what are you afraid of? oh…hang on. Yep, stay hidden for a bit longer..)

The ending of this album only means one thing, and that’s to return to the beginning from The Big Bang Burger Bar to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe there’s another 44 minutes to get through. Slartibartfast would be proud.

01. Don’t Panic (4:25)
02. 42 (18:41)
03. Six String Theory (2:07)
04. Moment Of Inertia (9:46)
05. Age Of Stars (9:00)

Total Time – 43:59

Laura Meade – Vocals
Anmarie Byrnes – Vocals
Paul Bremner – Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Tom Galgano – Keyboards, Vocals, Production & Mixing
John Galgano – Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Keyboards, Vocals
Brian Coralian – Acoustic & Electronic Drums
Greg DiMiceli – Drums, Percussion

Record Label: Doone Records
Catalogue#: DR16-669563
Date of Release: 21st May 2019

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