Night Of The Prog Festival ~ Day Three

Loreley Amphitheatre, St. Goarshausen, Germany
19th to 21st July 2019

Morning Proggers! It’s another beautiful day here in Loreley ?
The Windmill get us going today. Funnily enough, we were chatting with them on the ferry last year, now they’re on stage.

Classical neo-Prog I’d call it. Not bad at all. Norwegian, BTW.

The Norwegian theme continues with Oak. Art rock, shoe-gazer, moody stuff. Love this band.

Checkout their two albums False Memory Archive and Lighthouse – great chill-out Prog

And here’s the Oak boys

Now I’ve no beer money left ? just 4 so far today…
OK, Italians RanestRane (that means “Strange Frogs”), playing heavy, symphonic Prog inspired by cinema – mostly 2001 series.
Really good, crowd are loving this!!

Apologies, keep forgetting to update the beer count, but we’re on #7 today – are you keeping up? Post your pictures!!
All Traps on Earth – half of Änglagård (bass and guitar).
This is seriously heavy shit ? it’s P.R.O.G.!! Think Änglagård (yes!!) with saw, trumpets and opera.

All Traps on Earth finished with the Änglagård song Jordrök from Hybris. What a band, amazing!

Right now, Steve Hillage – total legend, playing with Gong as the backing band

Steve Hillage and Gong are absolutely bossing this. Super tight… now they’re playing some Angel’s Egg!!! Incredible musicianship ❤️

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