Night Of The Prog Festival 2019 ~ Day One

Loreley Amphitheatre, St. Goarshausen, Germany
19th to 21st July 2019

Once again TPA’s Dave Baird share’s his “as it happens” account of this year’s  Night Of The Prog Festival.

It’s July, we’re all aboard the electric prog-mobile in Germany, yes, we’re all going on a summer Loreley!

But we’re not there yet, stopping close-by to charge the car and stomachs.

This year, we’re introducing a little gale that you may wish to follow. It’s simple rules – every time we take a beer, you can follow. Good luck!

Waiting for the ferry to cross the Rhine
And here we are, lovely Loreley. And for once, we arrived in time to see the end of the first band’s set!
Check out Dilemma’s album – Random Acts of Liberation, it’s pretty good, featuring Colin Lienar on drums (of Neal Morse fame)

So, are you keeping up, this is #4 (500ml ~5.2%)
Ahhhh, Special Providence from Hungary, one of my favourite bands. Dream Theater meets Weather Report. Beer #5 ?
+1 beer
SP are awesome – playing cuts from their superb latest album “Will”
Hmmm, another beer… Here’s Colin!!!
And a beer (back at the Airbnb – don’t ask…)
So, Chandlier – bit of a phenomenon in the late 80’s 90’s. Think Marillion crossed with IQ with a German Fish!!
Chilling with Special Providence
IQ take the stage!!
Beer +1 – I think this is #10….
John Jowett on bass as Tim Esau is “indisposed”
IQ playing some cuts from their new album “Resistance” out in September…

IQ bossing the Rock!

So, to conclude yesterday’s business, a fine, pulsating, but bloody loud set from Tangerine Dream.

I recognised one of the tracks, might have been from Statosfear, but the rest, all new stuff, I think. To be honest I was a little bit drunk…

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