Radius Funk - Ultraviolet Voodoo

Radius Funk – Ultraviolet Voodoo

The electric guitar has been at the very heart of Rock and Roll arguably since a decade before Chuck Berry and a good twenty years before Elvis, as maverick Sister Rosetta Tharpe plugged in and left everyone open mouthed with a new and never to be forgotten sound that simply never went away. Now add rhythm from drums, and rhythmic body with a bass based instrument and this bedrock has sustained nearly all forms of popular music as if it is an established formula for life itself…

With so many variations of this blueprint, it takes something a little bit special to attract the seasoned listener and Radius Funk might just have cracked it. Police grade battering ram drums, a thick compressed bandwidth-filling bass, and an electric guitar tracked with itself to add lead and what can only be described as a rock funk accompaniment.

This isn’t purple platform shoed Afro funk, this is funk that has the ghost of Hendrix and Robin Trower’s architectural plans for the Bridge Of Sighs. Bay Area San Francisco is where this trio of laid back troubadours hail from and it is the musical equivalent of a Chevrolet Corvette, distinctively American in its attitude and originality.

With the tank full, the road trip smashes out of the garage doors with opener Booze Mop, perhaps a reference to the crate of chilling beers in the trunk, riff laden rock which continues until we get to Hula Girl, where the funk starts. Blonde and short skirted, the cheerleader girl sensually defies all that gravity has to offer and that hoop just keeps turning on her hips. Elements of jazz slip seamlessly into play with Luck Of The Night, featuring the tightest drumming so far, but the word rock is still written throughout this stick.

Only once does the pace slow, as if the car’s occupants momentarily take in the scenery, and the guitar playing is as grand as the desert monuments that are observed. Suspended Animation ups the funk to eleven and defines this band’s curriculum vitae as the only candidate fit for the job…

Finally, if this album was a selection of tequila based cocktails then you’d taste the underlying spirit throughout but notice every single other flavour that was added to make each glass distinctive. However, if your barman asked if you fancied a Radius Funk (just for a moment the Hula Girl looks up and then realises she’s misheard…) and you reply “Yes, but just the one, I’m on a bank raid later”, he might say “In that case sir, may I recommend Groove Monkey for it has all the elements – snappy drums, choppy guitars, and even a funky bass solo” …excellent choice Alfred, and make that a double.

Ostensibly then a three piece backing band but the technically and synergistic approach make this album so much bigger than its parts. It is a summer road trip soundtrack and a must for anyone who likes their instrumental rock music to swing and dance with itself.

01. Booze Mop (3:39)
02. Mystic Train (4:58)
03. Ultraviolet Voodoo (4:29)
04. Hula Girl (3:13)
05. Luck Of The Night (5:49)
06. Distant Shores (3:49)
07. Bliss Rider (4:17)
08. Suspended Animation (5:00)
09. Groove Monkey (4:09)

Total Time – 43:52

Brett – Guitar
Rigs – Bass
Tommy – Drums

Record Label: Independent
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Date of Release: 1st July 2018

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