Midas Fall - Evaporate

Midas Fall – Evaporate

One of the pleasures of reviewing is when you discover an album by a band you were not previously aware of and they blow you away. Having recently returned from a holiday in Edinburgh, and feeling good about all things Scottish, I saw this new album and chose to give it a shot. This turned out to be a very good decision. The music of Midas Fall can evoke imagery of the landscapes of their native Scotland, dramatic, beautiful, wild and at times potentially dangerous. The music is sweeping, grand and cinematic, being both delicate and fragile but with an angry and powerful undertone at times.

Midas Fall are a duo, consisting of Elizabeth Heaton and Rowen Burn who mix electronica with post rock and alternative rock, using progressive and Gothic undertones with some Celtic influences. This is their fourth album, recorded in Argyll, Scotland with Elizabeth and Rowen playing all the instruments, except the drums which were handled by Ross Cochran-Brash. The album consists of ten tracks which have an excellent flow through the forty three minute running time.

This is an album that draws you in to their bewitching, spellbinding and powerful musical world. Elizabeth’s vocals are nothing short of wonderful; heartfelt, yearning and ethereal supported by some great instrumental choices. The use of strings, such as cello and violin in preference to guitar, lift the songs to another level. There are times when the songs are like someone trying – begging even – to get their message heard, eventually grabbing and shaking you to make you understand, such is the emotional power contained within these songs.

The opening track Bruise Pusher starts gently before things become unsettled, almost desperate and angry, the music somewhat tempered with Elizabeth’s beautiful vocals. This leads into the title track, Evaporate, the first track written for the album and inspired by the landscape and dark winters of Iceland.

Glue begins in a gentle, beautiful way, slowly building the tension towards a climatic finish containing some excellent guitar. Lapsing clearly demonstrates the duo’s ability for creating the dramatic, starting with piano as the melody is constructed, later with violin, it takes two minutes before the vocals arrive along with a throbbing synth which creates a suggestion of something sinister. It builds and almost boils over in a perfectly paced song which holds the attention throughout. The same thoughts can be applied to Sword To Shield, it evokes sweeping soundscapes, starting with piano the vocals almost breathless and longing in their delivery, the strings sweeping in to carry the song forward and upward.

This is an album of delicate beauty which carries a satisfying emotional punch with its powerful undertones, holding the interest from the start. Midas Fall have been an excellent discovery for me and I would recommend you to give this album a listen, I am sure you will find it as captivating as I did.

01. Bruise Pusher (3:57)
02. Evaporate (5:38)
03. Soveraine (5:46)
04. Glue (3:53)
05. Sword To Shield (4:00)
06. Dust And Bone (4:01)
07. Awake (2:13)
08. In Sunny Landscapes (5:28)
09. Lapsing (4:09)
10. Howling At The Clouds (4:24)

Total Time – 43:29

Elizabeth Heaton – Vocals & All Instruments
Rowen Burn – All Instruments
~ with:
Ross Cochran-Brash – Drums

Record Label: Monotreme Records
Country of Origin: U.K.
Date of Release: 27th April 2018

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