Subsignal - La Muerta

Subsignal – La Muerta

Beautiful and Monstrous, released in 2009, is a wonderful showcase for the restless and creative spirit which lies at the very heart of progressive rock. Soaring melodies which fondly linger in the memory are cradled in layers of delicious harmonies,…

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GEPH – Apophenia

GEPH – Apophenia

Boston, Massachusetts-based GEPH are back with a second album. According to the Interwebs, Apophenia is “the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena”, the term first coined by German neurologist and psychiatrist Klaus Conrad (1905-1961). Conrad focused on…

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Riversea - The Tide

Riversea – The Tide

Riversea return with their first album since 2012, The Tide is a fine release of emotional maturity expressed beautifully through a skilled and sensitive synthesis of music and lyrics. It is clear that both Marc Atkinson and Brendan Eyre, the…

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Marbin – Israeli Jazz

Marbin – Israeli Jazz

Sax player Danny Markovitch and guitarist Dani Rabin have, until now, worn their ethnic origins fairly lightly. Based in Chicago, their previous albums have been blistering jazz-rock fusion workouts with influences ranging from the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Jeff Beck to…

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