Eternal Wanderers - The Mystery of the Cosmic Sorrow

Eternal Wanderers – The Mystery of the Cosmic Sorrow

This was an album that I liked the sound of and took a chance on, and I am rather glad that I did as it is a rather wonderful double CD with some epic and majestic music running through its tracks.

I guess you would call it space rock really and I would draw a comparison to the seventies works of bands like Hawkwind. In fact this album reminded me a lot of Hawkwind’s Space Ritual set, perhaps less heavy or intense but similar in feel. There is a truly outstanding track called Born to Suffer which is a decent 10-minutes in length and has a great style and sound to it. The lyrics are excellent lyrics, as are the use of percussion and synth effects throughout, and the vocal from Elana Kanevskaya is good too. It’s a pretty epic piece and shows the promise that this Russian band have and how much they deserve a wider audience. The keyboards are nice and there’s a rather good guitar break as well making for a memorable piece, as is Following A Neutrino’s Flight which is Tangerine Dream-ish in part but is again a very good track.

The rest of the album is a mix of instrumentals, including the 23 and a half minutes of The End of the Satellite Age which again shows promise of greater things to come.

The band are certainly talented and play up a storm throughout, but i do feel that it may be a tad overlong and would be best pruned to a single 70-minute CD by losing a few of the shorter, weaker tracks, but even in its unabridged version this is a fine album – far better than I imagined it would be and one that will grace my CD player for many months to come.

If you visit their Bandcamp page you will find a link to their unreleased album Journey Out Of Time which you can buy at ‘name your price’.

CD 1

01. Message From Space (3:50)
02. The Mystery of Cosmic Sorropw (8:30)
03. Methane Rain (8:18)
04. Gamma Waves (5:30)
05. Born To Suffer (10:09)
06. Silent World (8:50)
07. Valley of Oblivion (6:03)

Disc Time – 51:10

CD 2
01. Following a Neutrino’s Flight (9:29)
02. The End of the Satellite Age (23:26)
03. Space (4:26)

Disc Time – 37:21

Total Time – 88:31

Elana Kanevskaya – Vocals, Keyboards, Samplers
Tatyana Kanevskaya – Guitars, Charango, Backing Vocals, Samplers
Dimitri Shtatnov – Bass, Backing Vocals, Analog Synths, Effects
Sergey Rogulya – Drums, Percussion

Record Label: Mals
Catalogue#: Mals 414
Date of Release: 1st March 2016

Eternal Wanderers – Facebook | Bandcamp