Jack Dupon - Empty full circulation

Jack Dupon – Empty Full Circulation

“Jack Dupon” is a fictional character who travels back and forth through time in order to make the world a better place, and when visiting our timeframe assumes the persona of guitarist Gregory Pozzoli’s French avant rock band who take a template forged by Gong and Zappa and usher it into new corners of oddness.

Empty full circulation is an album of stories from the central French city of Randan and its mysterious heavily forested environs. Dead bodies within creepy ruined chateaus, hedgehog legends and all manner of surreality are contained within the English lyrics, which thankfully are provided on CD inner sleeve, for the numerous French vocalists’ English pronunciations are occasionally impenetrable.

A rich vein of darkly impish Gallic humour runs through the lyrics and the musical pothead pixie capering, making this strange sensation one worth persevering with. At only a shade over half an hour, the album does not outstay its welcome. Indeed, there is an awful lot to take in during the short timespan of Empty full circulation, but I knew what to expect having reviewed a DVD of the band in all their be-costumed live madness a few years back for DPRP.

The controlled anarchy of the band becomes apparent when one pays close attention to the tight syncopation of the ensemble, who quite remarkably have maintained a stable line-up since forming in 2004, and thus are as tight as the tightest nut. Not a single note goes to waste and the end result is the kind of enthralling lunacy that could only be French.

01. Flowery way (7:03)
02. Burst balloon (3:59)
03. Broken house (6:57)
04. Six feet in Randan (11:27)
05. The King Hedgehog (4:21)

Total Time – 33:49

Thomas Larsen – Drums & Vocals
Gregory Pozzoli – Guitar & Vocals
Arnaud M’Doihoma – Bass & Vocals
Philippe Prebet – Guitar & Vocals
~ With:
Paul Sears – Drums (track 2)

Record Label: La Boîte à Malice
Catalogue#: 2016BAM07/2
Year of Release: 2016

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