Yes - Mirror to the Sky

Yes – Mirror to the Sky

Creating new Yes music over the last decade has been extraordinarily challenging. The band has had to re-group under the most tragic of circumstances, twice, incorporating new members who have had to get fully engaged with learning the back catalogue…

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Tavistock Wharf, Tavistock, Devon Monday, 13th June 2022 Some gigs just stand out for unusual reasons, and this is certainly one which will live long in the memories of the lucky few gathered in this small venue, and probably in…

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Sonicbond 1973 & Peter Hammill

Geoffrey Feakes – 1973: A Year in Progressive Rock / Richard Rees Jones – Peter Hammill On Track: Every Album, Every Song

Sonicbond’s series of books by amateur music enthusiasts continues with these two volumes, and before I go any further, I would simply say that the many and mostly, if not all, amateur enthusiasts, are all far more disciplined than me.…

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Remembering Alan White

Remembering Alan White

We’re in the 2020s now, a half century since progressive rock’s so-called ‘classic era’, which is at least another twenty years since the musicians that occupied it were born. We live in an odd time where many of these bands…

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Yes - Close to the Edge 50th Anniversary

Too Bad

Imagine: you are looking for a new electrical appliance and after some research at home you arrive at your favourite brand. The choice falls on one of their top appliances. You have prepared yourself well, your choice did not come…

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“Was sich liebt das quält sich” Self-proclaimed Yes-fanatic Alex Driessen reveals that the unconditional love for his ‘club’ does not necessarily lead to positive reviews… I have previously proclaimed my love for English prog legends Yes on these pages. The…

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Yes - The Quest

Yes – The Quest

Rarely will the announcement of a new album have sparked so much anticipation as is the case with Yes’s new studio album, The Quest. At least with yours truly, self-proclaimed fan and, more latterly, critic of the British prog legends.…

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Jon Davison - YES (Photo Geoff Ford)

Jon Davison – Yes

Yes release their new album The Quest on 1st October on InsideOut Music, the first studio release with their current line-up and the first with Steve Howe producing from his project HQ: Curtis Schwartz’s studio at Ardingly, West Sussex. It…

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