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Too Bad

9th March 2022 | by Alex Driessen

Imagine: you are looking for a new electrical appliance and after some research at home you arrive at your favourite... Read More


30th September 2021 | by Alex Driessen

“Was sich liebt das quält sich” Self-proclaimed Yes-fanatic Alex Driessen reveals that the unconditional love for his ‘club’ does not... Read More

Jon Davison – Yes

17th August 2021 | by Geoff Ford

Yes release their new album The Quest on 1st October on InsideOut Music, the first studio release with their current... Read More

Yes – 50 Live

18th January 2020 | by Alex Driessen

Yes celebrated its 50th anniversary last year with an extensive tour, with shows in Europe, North America and Japan. This... Read More

Steve Howe

8th January 2020 | by Geoff Ford

Yes Guitarist Says Relayer ‘Is Going To Be Pretty Amazing’ Yes, one of the most innovative of all progressive-rock bands,... Read More

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